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A kitchen is the best place for many homemakers. They spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are wondering what to gift to a homemaker, then there is nothing better than gifting a kitchen accessory that they would use in the kitchen every day. You can also gift the same to the chef, who is your best friend working in a restaurant or a cafe or just like to cook part-time. Here we provide you with the list of gifts for a house maker and chef. People who love preparing food would enjoy all the tools that let them dive deeper into their hobby.

Roti box

A Roti box is a perfect gift for the chefs and homemakers to store hot Rotis in it for a long time. The box with a lid makes the kitchen aesthetically appealing. You can also get a pair of tongs using which you can stuff the Rotis into the box to keep it warm. You can also serve the Rotis with style using this box. Elementary's wooden roti box is just perfect, not just for use but to enhance the kitchen's decor. Buy it today for your friend.

Personalized cutting board

A kitchen is incomplete without a proper cutting board. It is an essential kitchen tool. You can gift your family member who is a chef with a personalized cutting board on their special occasions. They will appreciate the idea of cutting board, which allows them to chop the veggies with ease. The board with a label on it makes it look unique. You can engrave their name or a message for them on the board. You can check out some of the most beautiful chopping boards on Ellementry.

Chef's knife

If you saw your loved one using a cheap quality cutting knife in the kitchen to cut vegetables and meat, you can gift them with a superior quality knife that makes their cutting job a breeze. This can be used for all the cooking needs and will let them use it for years without getting blunt. It is lighter, easier to handle, and maintain. 

Can opener

A piece of kitchen equipment that brings joy when you use it every time is a can opener. It is a must-have kitchen accessory and would act as the best gift to be bestowed to your loved ones. It can be used to pull crown caps, unscrew tops of the jam or ketchup bottles, and open jar lids safely and easily. It will be absolutely a pleasure for your chef or homemaker to use the can opener.

Small Saucepan

If you see that your chef friend doesn't have saucepan to cook a small number of soups or kinds of pasta, then you can gift a small saucepan to them. It can be your mom too. Gift her on her special occasion. The saucepan can be used to cook stews, sauces, and soups. It is lightweight and is easy to handle. The saucepan that is of superior quality would last for long periods of time.

Garlic press 

If you see the chef in your home struggling with peeling off the garlic with hands, you can gift a garlic press. It is the quick solution available to press garlic. It is good to have this in the kitchen to make crushing garlic a simple job.

Air fryer

If you are looking to give the best gift to your mom, then you can buy an air fryer. It allows her to fry all your favorite foods with ease in the fryer without using oil. This appliance will use air to fry the food and gives the same crispiness that you get when you fry with oil. 

Knife sharpener

There is no other best gift than giving a knife sharpener, which is very helpful for a chef and homemaker to sharpen the blunt knives in a jiffy and without going out. It is cheap and easy to handle. This allows the chefs to maintain sharp edges of the knives that make their cutting job a piece of cake.

Salad spinner

A salad spinner is a good friend of every chef and homemaker. They both will feel happy to get this as a gift. This can be used to keep the salad crisp without turning soggy. It can be used to spin the greens. With just a simple press of a button, you can spin the greens and make it dry. You can also store the greens in the spinner using the locking mechanism. This can be used for other purposes, i.e., to drain pasta. It is a multi-purpose tool that serves as the best gift.

Measuring spoons

The measuring spoons are the best gifts that can ever be given to a chef or a homemaker. These spoons are used to measure the liquid or solid cooking ingredients precisely. You can get a set of measuring spoons that measure from ¼ tsp to 1 tsp. The spoons are magnetic, so you can keep them together without losing any. These are useful in the kitchen every day while preparing all the dishes to use the right proportion of ingredients. Ellementry has stylish copper metal measuring spoons. You can buy it from there. It will make a perfect gift.

This is the list of gifts that you can bestow to chefs or homemakers who love to cook and spend time experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. The real fans of culinary art would enjoy all these gifts that complement their cooking. You can buy many of these items on Ellementry. Visit today.

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