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Mixing and matching tableware is a creative art by itself. Learning how to do so can help you create many different looks with the same set of crockery you own. Add a piece of roti box in the mix and there is a lot more you can do. If you are not confident about setting your tables or it is not something you have done before, fret not. This guide will let you know how to begin and give some easy and quick tips to let you begin!

What is a roti box?

Roti boxes are an essential element in every Indian household. With a wide variety available in the market, you may find it hard to decide which roti box to buy? It is used as a storing as well as a serving vessel. A roti box is a deep pan and used for food to cook sometimes as well as serve. In some cultures, a roti box is also known as a casserole. You must check out some of the finest roti boxes on Ellementry.

Why should you buy a roti box?

Eating chapati, rotis and phulkas is a common Indian tradition.  Keeping the chapatis soft and warm for a couple of hours is a challenge that is faced by many. Hence, it is essential to consider which roti box to buy so that your rotis stay fresh for a longer time.

How to keep rotis soft for a long time?

To keep your rotis soft, it is vital to use a roti box. Place the chapati in a roti box lined with a cotton cloth which is bigger than the circumference of the box. Keep the lid closed till you are ready to eat. This will help your rotis remain soft and warm for a few hours.

How to mix and match your roti box with other tableware?

Many of us have grown up seeing the boring roti boxes. Hence, when it comes to deciding which roti box to buy, we are left confused since it does not match with our tablewares. What many people, however, don’t know is that you can also mix match your roti box to create beautiful table settings.

To mix match your roti box is also a great idea to create unique themes and incorporate your favourite crockery pieces that usually don't go with the theme of your dinner sets.

Without much further ado, let us demystify how to mix match your roti box by offering some effective ideas to decide which roti box to buy and create beautiful table settings.

  1. Stick to a colour palette!

One of the things which are absolutely imperative for a mix match table setting is that you decide on a colour palette and stick to it. Gold, whites, and black are some safe colours to start with if you are not very much into experimenting. Remember to be consistent in colour themes across the entire dinnerware. This helps you play with a wide array of patterns and designs, yet, stay within a theme. By keeping your colour palettes same, you know already which shades to include in the mix. This also helps you mix match your roti box easily since you can buy a roti box of the colour palette you want to stick to. Some colours are easier than others to stick to since you can get a lot of dinnerware in the market in that theme. brown is one such colour. You can get a beautiful brown mango wood roti box from Ellementry and add a hint of sophistication to your dining table.

It does not matter what colour palette you go for as long as you pick the choices in the same colour family.

  1. Bring in an additional colour

You may have a set of dinnerware that is colourful enough to pick up on many different varieties of tableware. This allows you to mix match your roti box a little further since there is a lot of room for experimentation. Neutral shades work well and allow you to add many more colours. Or you can invest in this trendy and chic Indigo stamp ceramic roti box with wooden lid from Ellementry and add a touch of colour to your neutral tableware.

  1. Ever tried including different materials in the design?

This is not common but there is no reason why you cannot mix different elements. Just like you would not hesitate mixing silver, bronze , gold and rose gold when it comes to jewellery,  the same way you can easily add some more elements in trying different materials. A terracotta roti box with a wooden lid from Ellementry can very well be combined with fine bone china.

Do not forget, you don’t have to mix match your roti box the same way for the entire table. You can bring in different dinner sets and use different combinations to create a new look at every dinner party. Not sure which roti box to buy that will go with most colour schemes? How about this cute little wood roti box from Ellementry?

  1. Tell a story

Who does not love a good story? A table that tells one is always fun and exciting and obviously memorable for both the guest and the host. Let your table be the one with fun stories to remember you by. Use random dinner plates, glassware and crockery that you may have collected over time. How about the dinner plate you bought on your honeymoon trip? Or the vintage tea set your grandma got you?  When trying to mix match your roti box , use the opportunity to flaunt these special memory pieces on the table and let them tell a story of who you are! We promise the guests will leave home impressed.

  1. Let somethings be consistent

While you decide which roti box to buy, remember that a little consistency goes a long way. stay consistent in whatever theme you decide to mix match your roti box. Whether it is the dinner plates, the glasses or the runners, it helps to have a common ground that makes your table look organised instead of chaos.

  1. Experiment with different textures and shapes

Once you learn the art of table setting, you will know that mix and match is the most fun part of setting up a table. How about alternating a round roti box with square or oval dinner plates? Mixing textures also provides a good contrast. Using a wooden roti box with ceramic tableware is a safe bet that helps you enhance the table décor.

What tips would you like to add? Have any questions? We would love to hear back from you? Do let us know what you think of these tips! If you find this useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends! Visit Ellementry today to buy the best kitchen items. We have told you about some of the roti boxes to buy in this article.

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