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A kitchen is an area in any household that is busy and filled with ingredients, different types of food products and utensils. It is important to have proper storage options available in the kitchen to properly store food in the kitchen and the pantry. Kitchen boxes are a great way to keep food covered and safe in the kitchen in an effective way. Kitchen boxes are specially designed in such a way that they are ideal for the storage of utensils and food in the kitchen. You can check out different kinds of boxes on Ellementry for various purposes.

Materials Used to Make Essential Kitchen Boxes

Boxes and containers are essential for the storage of food and utensils in the kitchen, but the type of materials used to make these boxes is also important as food is stored in these boxes. Essential boxes for your kitchen are usually made by using stainless steel, wooden materials, glass, and plastics. Many times people choose slightly more unbreakable boxes for kitchen storage purposes as these boxes are regularly used and opened and it is essential to use sturdy and safe boxes in the kitchen. Ellementry is a leading shopping website and we offer a range of different kitchen boxes.

The following are some of the types of essential boxes that are used in the kitchen:

Essential Boxes That Are Used in the Kitchen

Masala & Spice Boxes

The traditional stainless steel round masala boxes with round containers for different spices in them are easily available online. Different spices needed for everyday cooking can be placed in such boxes. Small plastic bottles and boxes are available in the market, store spices and herbs in the kitchen. Wooden spice boxes that have 12 wooden sections have become very popular for storing herbs and spices. Stores like Ellementry sell a variety of Spice boxes online. You must check them out.

Roti Boxes

Roti is an essential part of the diet and most kitchens prepare and store rotis every day for daily meals. Large round containers are usually used to store rotis and roti boxes are usually part of most kitchens. These boxes are made by using stainless steel, plastic and there are even designer terracotta roti boxes available online. Casserole boxes are used to store rotis to keep them warm. Roti boxes can be also used to store parathas, papads, tortillas and any types of flatbread used in Asian cooking.

Storage Bins

Storage bin boxes are great for storing different types of long term food products in the kitchen pantry. Storage bins and containers are essential boxes for your kitchen as people like to shop in departmental and discount stores and buy in bulk. Organizer containers are generally plastic containers that are either large containers for one type of product or containers with sections where different products can be kept. Some of the food products that can be kept in such containers include grains, rice, pulses, and even fruits and vegetables and even a great choice for storing kitchen equipment and utensils.

Bread & Butter Boxes

Nowadays, properly storing the bread is important in most kitchens as bread has become a staple in the diet. There are bread boxes made of plastic materials in different designs available online. Bread boxes are usually rectangular boxes in the shape of bread loaves so that bread can be effectively stored in these containers covered by airtight lids. Similarly, there are many types of butter dishes and butter boxes available online for the kitchen. Ellementry is a great store online and we offer quality and designer bread boxes to customers.

Jars as Boxes

Mason glass jars are very popular boxes or containers that are perfect for kitchen storage. All sorts of wide-mouthed glass jars with airtight multi-coloured screw-top lids are perfect for storing pickles, grains, pasta, spices, rice and pulses in the kitchen. Just like the roti box, many of these jars are used to store food that is usually part of the daily meals. Cookie jars are a type of box online that can be used to keep biscuits and cookies fresh in the kitchen. There are many types of plastic jar boxes that are used as storage containers in the kitchen.

Lunch Boxes

Another type of essential boxes for your kitchen are the lunch boxes that are taken to work and to schools by adults and children living in the household. There are many types of lunch boxes available in the market. This includes plastic lunch containers, microwave-safe lunch boxes, stainless steel tiffin carrier tiered boxes, and casserole container boxes. Some lunch boxes come with thermostat jacket covers to keep the food warm for longer periods. Microwave safe glass containers with plastic lids are also part of tiffin boxes available online.

Kitchen Box Sets

Setting up a kitchen is a very difficult task as many containers and boxes are needed to store food products as well as utensils in the kitchen. There are many kitchen container sets made by using glass, plastic, and steel which include containers, boxes, and jars of different shapes and sizes perfect to store different types of food products and utensils. These boxes include roti boxes, storage containers, jar sets, plastic PET canister sets, and other types of bowls and containers. These boxes are usually transparent if they are made of plastic or glass and have colorful lids. Stainless steel containers are also available in these types of kitchen container sets.

Tea, Coffee & Sugar Containers

To make a household functional, it is important to start with the kitchen and the first step is to set up the tea and coffee or beverages corner. Tea and coffee are the basic beverages and most people all over the world have tea or coffee at least once a day. There are different types of tea, coffee, and sugar boxes available in stores like Ellementry online. Nowadays, these boxes have tea, coffee and sugar labels on them in a designer print to make it more convenient for users. These are usually round cylindrical jar type boxes or vertical square type boxes that can hold 250- 500 grams of sugar, coffee, and tea.

Metal Storage Bins

Another type of box popular in the kitchen is a metal storage bin which is usually like large cans and is a very traditional choice as in the olden days metal can style boxes were used as storage in the kitchen. These boxes usually come with a lid and are perfect for storing garlic, onions, potatoes and basic food items needed in the kitchen. These storage bins are boxes that have an old-world charm and add to the décor of the kitchen.


A kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the entire household as meals have to be prepared every day and many times a day to feed the people living within the household. However, the kitchen is also a place where everything can become increasingly messy if food products and utensils are not properly stored in the right places. The different types of boxes mentioned above are essential for a kitchen as they make the kitchen very efficient. These kitchen boxes are easily available on Ellementry and there are different types of options also available in stores. It is usually a good idea to buy good quality boxes online as they last very well and keep the food safe and clean. Visit Ellementry today to buy the most trendy and durable boxes for your kitchen.

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