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This is a solution article for all those homemakers out here looking for a way to revolutionize their way of handling the kitchen! Handling the kitchen is not that tough but yes, handling it the right way demands a lot! It is up to you how charismatic you want your cooking area to look like. It is this area from where your health, hygiene and the good day starts. So, keeping it in priority list is always mandatory! When you look minutely, you will be able to find a few logical flaws in your food zone. Is one among these old pale plastic containers? Well, Ellementry is here to offer a better version of these containers in the wooden form! So, now, reduce the usage of plastic in your kitchen!

 We all have a lot to store in our kitchen especially if you are an Indian. Only the spices take one complete row of the cupboard. Apart from that, there is a lot of stuff to store and preserve. If you are smart enough and already made a deal for wooden boxes with Ellementry, cool. If you are still using harmful plastic containers, please be alert! Do not make your entry in the list of the irrational homemakers, rather stand out and act rationally. We all are well aware of the harmful effects of using plastic. Even some food items are strictly against being stored in any sort of plastic. If you store hot materials in plastic containers, it can cause deadly diseases as well. So, why not act smart and go wooden? 

Side effects of using plastic in your kitchen-

Since childhood, we have been taught how hazardous plastics are. To bring it in your concern once more, here we have mentioned the cons of using plastics-

  • It directly causes harm and toxicity to your food and ultimately to your health. 
  • Plastic contains BPA which is a proven death risk by scientists. It causes heart, brain, as well as hormonal problems. 
  • Storing any edible in plastic changes the odour of the food. It becomes smelly and poor. 
  • Storing and eating food from plastic boxes causes extra fat in your lower belly. In some cases, it also affects the fertility of a woman! 
  • And the most dangerous one is environmental distortion. This is the most devastating and irreparable. 

So, do not take this matter lightly. Do all that you can to reduce the usage of plastic in your kitchen. In some time, you will get used to it. Even your friends and family will try to copy you seeing your kitchen become so sober and smart! 

One of the finest ways to organize your kitchen is by using wooden containers. Yes, these containers are just not hygienic, they also increase the beauty of your kitchen. There are no negative effects of using wooden containers and hot food can also be easily preserved. It keeps food warmer for a long time without distorting its taste. On Ellementry, you find various wooden containers. From smallest to largest.

Do you always have to dig in hard to place pickles on your plate? Here is a healthy solution. This is a ceramic jar with a wooden lid. It is very useful in storing kitchen items like pickles. Don’t you think it’s attractive enough to place on your table? Also, you can easily pick a pickle and have it with your food. There are many such containers available on Ellementry. One of these is the roti box.

This terracotta roti box having a wooden lid is an inevitable part of your healthy kitchen. It keeps your phulkas hot and tasty till you have it in your dinner or breakfast. With this amazing roti box, reduce the usage of plastic in your kitchen. Just like the country, make your cooking zone plastic-free as well. The beautiful carvings on its lid are so appealing that your guests won’t be able to stop themselves from asking you about it. You can also keep it on your table without getting worried about the table being harmed. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this piece on Ellementry, now! 

The best ones come from mango wood. It is extremely hard and seamlessly finished. Invest in it once and relax for years. Just keep washing it from time to time. Place your hot roti in it and close the lid. It keeps them warmer for hours. The best part about this roti box is that it is handcrafted. Hence, it is double in its beauty and appearance. 

These are just a few among various options available on Ellementry. You can sort out your preferences and pick the most suitable one. It is high time to replace the plastics, especially from your kitchen. And what else can be a better substitute than wooden containers? They are easy to wash and use. Are you aware of the uncountable benefits of making wooden containers a part of your daily life? 

The various benefits of using wooden containers-

Undoubtedly, anything wooden will be a better choice above plastic. And when it comes to preserving kitchen materials, nothing can beat the wooden containers. The most basic among these is the roti box. Because you just can’t avoid using a roti box in your kitchen. Now, it is up to you as to whether you want it to make a healthy move or not. The various benefits of using wooden containers are-

  • Wood has no harmful effects on the things stored in it. These are the inert materials. They do not discharge any harmful chemicals that can change the odour or taste of your food, unlike plastics. 
  • Often the plastic containers fall due to low grip. They are slippery. But holding a wooden container is quite easy due to a better grip. They do not slip off easily. So, say goodbye to old pathetic days! 
  • These containers are very durable in nature. You can keep using it for years. They do not change their look or texture when handled properly. But you cannot use a plastic container for years. It becomes pale and even more harmful. 
  • Not just health point of views, these include presentation qualities as well. A plastic container, no matter how beautiful, can never beat a wooden container in looks. These wooden containers are very beautiful and sober. They make less noise as compared to plastic containers. 
  • Last but not the least, if you are a rational citizen and want your environment to live in peace, you must avoid plastics. You may find using wooden stuff, in the beginning, a bit hard, but plastic can torture nature forever. Wooden materials have no such side effects on mother nature.

Hence, these are the benefits of using wooden containers. What are you waiting for? Go grab the best and latest deals on Ellementry to make your kitchen a healthy one. 

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