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Food does the same work for our body like fuel does for an engine. Food keeps the body fit and healthy. Just like lousy quality fuel damages, an engine, bad or unhealthy food damages our body. With pollution and the excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers, the food that we intake is becoming poisonous and harmful. This is leading to various health issues such as cancer, asthma, skin disease, liver failure, and many other complications.

Improper storage techniques are also spoiling food items. The use of low-grade storage containers is a significant cause of food spoilage and poisoning. They contain carcinogenic agents that damage the entire functioning of the body leading to severe health conditions. We at Ellementry, manufacture storage products that strictly conform with safety standards. We don't use any low-grade storage products that contain carcinogenic ingredients. We manufacture terracotta and ceramic storage containers which are handcrafted using natural material and international food safety standards.

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Benefits of using terracotta for storing food items:

  • Terracotta is a natural material. As a result, it is a healthy choice for storing a vast range of food items from butter to spices.
  • Containers made from terracotta are porous. As a result, moisture and food naturally circulate in the food, keeping it fresh for a long time. The nutrition of the food is also maintained in terracotta storage containers. Butter, pickle and other food items stay clean and healthy in terracotta storage containers and dishes.
  • Terracotta utensils are also used for cooking as the inbuilt thermal inertia helps to make the food soft. Moreover, it is safe and carcinogenic free, making the food healthy.
  • Terracotta is alkaline and provides minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and iron to the food products stored in them.
  • Terracotta storage containers and dishes are cheaper than the other storage containers available in the market. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. They can also be custom made according to specific needs.
  • Terracotta has natural cooling properties which are great for storing food items like butter which requires a cool environment for longer life and freshness.
  • Storing food items in terracotta containers and dishes increases the metabolism of the body.

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Benefits of using ceramic containers and dishes for storing food:

  • Ceramic containers are durable and reusable. They will last for ages if not dropped and broken.
  • Ceramic containers keep the food fresh for a long time. They are chemical-free and non-carcinogenic. Moreover, the food does not extract the smell of the vessel as in other low-quality storage materials.
  • Ceramic containers are also environmentally-friendly. They can be recycled and reused.
  • Ceramic containers also look great and add to the beauty of your kitchen and house. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours with or without lids. They are safe, healthy, as well as attractive. We, at Ellementry, manufacture different kinds of ceramic storage containers.

What is a butter dish?

A butter dish is an age-old container that is used for storing and keeping butter fresh. A butter dish was invented ages before the invention of the refrigerator. Different techniques were incorporated to keep the butter clean and usable for a long time. The first butter dish was invented by Simpson, Hall, Miller, and Co. in 1880. These butter dishes came with an ice chamber to keep the butter fresh. Later, another butter dish was invented which had a water chamber to keep the butter clean. After the invention of the refrigerator, the longevity factor is no more important. But butter dishes are still used for storage for a wide variety of reasons which will be discussed in today's article.


Why does a butter dish keep the butter fresh?

  • Butter is mostly comprised of milk fats and is, therefore, more prone to bacterial infestations. Consequently, it needs to be appropriately stored even in a refrigerator. An airtight butter dish is ideal for storing butter as it prevents bacterial formation.
  • Storing butter in a butter dish can increase shelf-life of butter to two weeks or more. Butter is preferably kept in the open as refrigeration makes it challenging to use as it hardens.
  • A butter dish keeps the butter soft and fresh for lengthy use. Heat and light are the two enemies of butter which make it unhealthy. As a result, a butter dish is perfect for storing butter as it protects the butter from both external heat and light.
  • Butter should not be mixed with other food items in the refrigerator as it may contract the smell of fish, meat and other stored objects. Butter is best stored in a different compartment which is not possible in a small refrigerator. The best cure is to store butter in an airtight butter dish which keeps it separate from other food items.
  • Butter dishes prevent the butter from getting contaminated or attacked by insects or pets in the house. A covered butter dish allows the butter to be stored outside the refrigerator without getting harmed.
  • Today, butter dishes are available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. You can match your butter dish with the interiors of your kitchen. Ceramic and terracotta butter dishes are the best both look wise and quality-wise.
  • An airtight butter dish doesn't allow air to enter inside, which prevents the butter from getting spoiled or rotten. Refrigerated butter sometimes loses its natural taste due to overcooling. Therefore, storing the butter in an airtight butter keeper is the best option to enjoy fresh and soft butter.

Benefits of terracotta and ceramic butter dishes:

  • Terracotta and ceramic butter dishes are made from clay which is a natural substance. They are chemical-free and therefore perfect for storing food items such as butter which is susceptible to bacteria infestation. Terracotta and ceramic butter dishes prevent the butter from the harmful effects of low-grade storage materials.
  • Ceramic and terracotta butter dishes have natural cooling properties which are perfect for keeping the butter fresh even without refrigeration. With the help of ceramic and terracotta butter dishes, butter can be stored at room temperatures. Refrigerated butter becomes hard and challenging to use instantly. As a result, people prefer to store it on the counter in a butter dish. But cheap and low-grade material butter dishes can make the butter rancid. Therefore, ceramic and terracotta butter dishes are the best.
  • Your kitchen utensils and storage containers add to the beauty of your interiors. Ceramic and terracotta butter dishes are in fashion, and they come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs to add to the charm of your kitchen. Moreover, terracotta and ceramic butter dishes are classy and chic. They give a luxurious look to your kitchen counter.
  • Terracotta and ceramic butter dishes also save the butter from the carcinogenic ingredients of other cheap and low-grade containers. They are also long-lasting. The initial cost might seem expensive, but the long-term benefits are more.

Maintaining the health and standard of food should be the priority of any food containers. Since food items like butter and bread are consumed daily, they should be stored appropriately. We might look for cheap things today, but the substantial adverse effects which they will pose on our health will become a concern for years. Therefore, the use of natural materials like terracotta and ceramic should be increased.

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