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Instagram is undoubtedly the fanciest social media platform. It’s where everyone wants to show the best aspects of their lives for their friends and followers to appreciate. People want to be their best selves on Instagram for the world to see. This reflects basic human psyche as we always want people to see us at our best and never when we are down.


Instagram has a variety of content available, but undoubtedly, one of the most popular genres of content is food photography. Food is an integral part of life, and for many of us, it is something that makes life more enjoyable. Food photography has received a whole new impetus since the popularity of Instagram. There are pages dedicated to showing the world gorgeous pictures of food. However, there is more to food photographs than what meets the eye. Beautiful food is often correlated to eating and living well, and this is something we all wish for.


Talking about food photography, there are a few things that are photographed more than others. Desserts and cheese boards make for the prettiest pictures, and of late, cheese board pictures have become a new trend. Along with food, the plating also comes into focus on the Instagram photos and that is where Ellementry comes into the picture. At Ellementry you get a wide scope of eco-friendly kitchenware and tableware.

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What are cheese boards?


As the name suggests, cheese boards are just boards with cheese and accompaniments on it. They are arranged in a decorative manner that makes it look picturesque. You may have heard of the term charcuterie and do not know what it means, but it is a cheese board with meat. Cheese Boards and cheese plates use different kinds of cheese, fruits like berries, nuts, crackers, chocolate items, honey and cold cuts of meat like smoked ham or salami. The idea behind a cheese board is to be aesthetically gorgeous and full of things that are decadent and luxurious. The items are arranged to look beautiful in the same way flowers are arranged to make a bouquet. Except, this work of art can be eaten after being admired!


Cheese Boards are mostly served at parties or gatherings of friends. Everything is bite-sized and can be popped into the mouth without halting the conversation. The deliciousness of the cheese board will only take the conversation forward. There are a large variety of flavours and textures, so everyone will find something they like. Cheese Boards can be quite expensive to make, but we all love to splurge on ourselves at time.



Why are cheese boards taking over Instagram?


Over the past few years, cheese boards and plates have taken over Instagram. Cheeseboards are aesthetic and gorgeous, which is what every Instagram post aspires to be. There are so many different combinations and arrangements that can be made using various items that each board is different from another. There are even some “cheese board influencers' ' now who have gained immense online clout just by posting pictures of cheese boards and platters.


According to several of these influencers, the popularity of cheese boards is linked to the demographic using Instagram. Mostly, young people use Instagram. These young working people are in pursuit of a good life. And cheese boards represent the good life – they are gorgeous, they are full of mildly expensive things, and they get a lot of attention. These are all things we want in life too, and therefore cheese boards are a representation of “the good life” we all aspire to have. The human psyche is such that we always like things that make us feel good about ourselves. Therefore, cheese boards aren’t just wooden boards with food on them – they are something to aspire to, something to admire.

Cheese boards taking over instagram


The proof is in the pudding


The fact that cheese boards are a trend on Instagram is validated by the fact that some “cheese board influencers” have massive followings. Marissa Mullen is considered the top cheese board influencer. She runs two Instagram pages related to cheese boards and plates and has a total of 68,000 followers!


She feels that the young demographic using Instagram really likes cheese boards because they reflect the values of community and domesticity, in a gorgeous exterior. These are values which are being threatened in modern society. Therefore, something tangible which represents friendship and good times are always appreciated. Marissa works hard on her posts and gets up to 200,000 likes on her pictures.

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Why do cheese boards get Instagram likes?


Just as delicious food makes us hungry in real life, seeing pictures of scrumptious food can satisfy the same urges. Cheeseboards are not only visually beautiful, but they consist of things we would all love to eat. This is the reason why food photography is growing and flourishing in today’s world. We are all busy almost all day, but we do like to scroll through Instagram and see pictures of things that interest us, be it food, travelling, clothes, celebrity gossip or memes!



Is cheese boards a recent invention?


The Instagram trend of cheese boards might be recent, but they have existed since the 1900s. After the prohibition ended in the US, people started going out more. Cocktail hours became a big thing. People were drinking a lot, and snack trays were there to accompany the drinks. These were an early form of cheese boards and platters.


The snack trays would often consist of delicious and decadent things like cheese, caviar, crackers, biscuits, berries, salmon roe, anchovies, and olives. The snack trays became increasingly popular because the food would support the alcohol intake, and it would satisfy small hunger pangs.


Thus, for many people belonging to the older generations, cheese platters have been a popular way of entertaining guests. Millennials have taken to the idea of cheese boards mainly because it is as simple as throwing on a bunch of edibles on a board or plate. There is nothing simpler than that! Also, if it turns out pretty, they can post it on Instagram and get likes.

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How to build a cheese board for those Instagram likes?


A cheese board is built, keeping in mind some specific criteria. There has to be at least one element from each category – cheese, meat, fruit, crunchy, sweet, and garnish, it needs to be made of good material. Ellementry offers you a wide range of cheese boards in interesting shapes and natural materials that may make your Instagram clicks a major hit. Usually, soft and delicious cheeses like brie, camembert, blue cheese, and cheddar are placed on the board. For the meat, salami, ham, smoked salmon, anchovies, and cold cuts are the top choices. Fruits used most often are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruits, grapes, oranges, and plums. The crunch aspect comes from biscuits, crackers or nuts like walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, and pistachios.


The sweetness is supplied by chocolates, honey or jams like blueberry, fig, strawberry or orange jam or marmalade. For garnishing, flowers and herbs can be used. Rosemary rose petals, edible flowers, basil leaves, and thyme are popular garnishes. Fancy and expensive rare items like caviar, salmon roe, and rare meats like aged beef or aged cheese can be added for special occasions. Sometimes, savoury elements like pickles, peppers, relish, and olives may also be added as they go well with meat.


Ensure that everything that is being used for the board has been washed, cleaned, dried, and prepared according to the instructions. This applies especially to fresh fruits and meat. Cheese boards may seem tricky and complex to build successfully. At Ellementry you get cheeseboards made of wood that are easy to maintain and use. Use your artistic senses to decorate, and you will end up with something that looks beautiful. Post it on Instagram, and it will undoubtedly get you likes and admiration! People use sustainable and handcrafted tableware from Ellementry to decorate their dining table as well as Instagram photos.

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