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A table is a very useful piece of furniture with a flat top that acts as a level surface and it usually is supported by the table legs. Tables are used for various purposes and there are various types of tables that are part of the furniture used at homes and in offices all over the world. There are different types of tables like dining tables, console tables, side tables, centre tables, accent tables and even nightstand tables which are all very useful and also part of the interior décor. 

Table Runners

The different types of tables need to be adorned by linen pieces for them to look attractive and also to cover them and protect them from the natural elements. Table runners are a great decorative item that is commonly used on many types of tables especially for dinner tables all over the world. Table runners are narrow lengths of cloth that are usually placed at the centre of the table usually as a decorative item that goes well with the décor. There are various types of tables where you need a table runner but it is predominantly used for dining tables and side tables. You must check out Ellementry for some of the best table linens including table runners. 

Types of Table Runner Fabrics

There are particular types of fabrics used to make table runners. These table runners make the tables look stylish and elegant and add to the overall décor and style while setting a table. Some types of table runners and fabrics used to make table runners include cotton, linen, silk, organza, sequins material, polyester, vinyl, casement, cots-wool, jute, and many others. Table runners are basically table cloths and people can find the best designs and styles at our website Ellementry that caters to home décor including table runners.

Table Runner – Shapes 

Table runners are sold in various shapes and designs for different types of tables which are part of the household furniture. Most table runners are rectangular and narrow in shape and are usually placed from one end of the table to another. These runners either end at table ends or even spillover from the sides of the table. These table runners are either sold as single table linen pieces or with placemats. People buy table runners online and there are different types of table runners available in the market. Some of the shapes and designs include a narrow length of cloth but there are some designs that are part of the table runner shape. This includes tapering edges, triangular edges, tassels, and even oval edges and crochet lace styles.

Designs – Table Runner

Table runners are decorative items as the need for the table runner is to cover tables and make them part of the décor. As the need for table runners is for decoration the prints, patterns and designs are very important in interior décor. Our website Ellementry offers a large choice in colour schemes, designs, and patterns that go well with different types of décor. This includes plain monochromatic table runners, geometric shapes, checks, floral designs, ethnic prints, and also modern shapes. The colour scheme usually should go well with the décor of the room. Whatever the design, when people buy table runners, they have to be made with a thick material to hold its position on the table firmly and properly.

The Need for Beautiful Table Runners

Interior Décor Item

Beautiful table runners are needed for different interior décor purposes around the house. Table runners add to the interior décor of any room because of the colours and designs mentioned above. Embroidery on the table runners like cross-stitch, crochet, tatting laces, needlepoint, broderie Anglaise, cutwork, patchwork, and shadow work all add to the décor of not just the table but the entire interior décor of the room. Buy table runners in such a way that they work well with the décor of the room.

Dining Table – A Small Table Cloth

Table runners are the most useful on dining tables. They can be used as a substitute to tablecloths and table runners and placemats can easily replace table cloths on the dinner table especially for elegant occasions. Our website Ellementry offers customers a wonderful range of dining table runners which work well with different types of dining rooms and dining tables. These dining table runners add charm to the dining rooms and are perfect for modern yet elegant dining tables.

For Showpieces and Centerpieces

You need a table runner on the tables like the dining tables need different types of showpieces on the table. This includes vases with beautiful flowers, lovely candle stands with candles for a candlelight dinner party, centrepieces, flower bouquets, rustic lanterns, and candles in glasses that add to the look of the dining table set. These all home and party décor items require beautiful and elegant table runners underneath them to protect the table and add to the overall décor.

Party Themes

Table runners are used not just for home décor in dining tables but for table set indoors and outdoors for different types of parties. Table runners are absolutely beautiful for elegant and smart parties and a perfect choice for wedding party dining tables with different themes. They go well with rustic themes, with elegant and traditional themes and are also used in contemporary weddings. Besides weddings, they can also be used as dining décor for other parties like a ball, banquets, garden parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties, and even English tea parties. Ellementry is a leading online store and we sell table runners for all types of parties and occasions.

Used For Different Types of Tables

People buy table runners not just for the dining tables but for all types of different tables around the house. These table runners can be used as a tabletop cover for cabinets, table runners for side tables, end tables, and even on buffet tables for special events. They are used on centre tables, coffee tables, and even bar carts that can be covered by using table runners.

Table Runners – Horizontal and Vertical Patterns

Table cloths are boring and an old way to cover the tables effectively. However, multiple table runners can be used to create beautiful patterns on the table along with placemats. These table runners can be placed on the rectangular, oval or circular tables in many ways. They can be placed horizontally and vertically across the tables parallel to each other or also in a crisscross way. You need a table runner for different types of table and the patterns and designs help make the table look more attractive.


We have all types of table runners in different shapes, lengths, and sizes and as mentioned above they are very useful and needed in home décor. They are used in household parties and are also used for indoor and outdoor party settings. They are used for all sorts of tables around the household and are a modern type of table cloth that is elegant yet contemporary at the same time. Buying table runners are a good investment as buying them in different patterns and designs can help people create a charming décor not just in the dining room but all around the household. They are charming pieces of linen which make the households look beautiful. Visit Ellementry to buy them.

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