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Tea Bag rests are really necessary for your dining hall if you serve tea to your guests. Because it is quite disgusting to keep the tea bags dangling inside the tea throughout the drinking session. So you should pay attention to buy some nice looking tea bag rests which will make the guest praise you and appreciate you. There are much quirky tea bag rests available on places like Ellementry. If you are wondering, what to buy in 2020, here is a guide -

  1. Ceramic made

The ceramic made tea bag rest looks very elegant on the dining table for any kind of party or get together. These are one of the most conventional and classic tea bag rest materials. If you want to buy a ceramic made quirky tea bag rest then you can opt for barnyard ceramic tea bag rest from the online shop of Ellementry.

  1. Brass made

Brass is one of the most common and glowing materials to choose a tea bag rest for your home. Because it has a lot of options for choosing different colours which will look nice in your home decoration. 

  1. Colourful rests

If you are a person who likes a lot of colour in their life then and you should choose a colourful tea bag rests for your dining table. You can also make a combination of different colours to make it a bit more quirky altogether.

  1. Cartoon shaped

Do you want to find a teabag rest to buy for your kid's room? Then you can choose to buy some cartoon shaped tea bag rest. And if it is an arrangement for a children's party then you can use them as the rest of some energy drink sachets.

  1. Tea cup-shaped

One of the most simple and conventional tea bag rest is of the shape of the teacup. If you look at it then you will instantly understand that it is there to keep teabags only.

  1. Leaves shaped

If you are a person with an eternal love for the environment then you can choose leaf-shaped tea bag rest for your home decoration. Because it will give a natural look to your dining hall instantly.

  1. Quotes on them

If you want some morning motivation during your morning tea session then you can choose to have tea bags with different motivational quotes written on them. So at the time of your morning tea, you can feel the positive vibe from your surroundings very easily.

  1. Personalized rests

 You can personalize your teabag rests as per your requirement. You can make them done as per the occasion or the type of guests you are inviting.

  1. Heart-shaped

 If you are staying with your partner and want a romantic vibe around your house then you can choose some heart-shaped romantic looking tea bag rest to buy. This will add some sweet element and romantic mood to your dining area.

  1. Hand shaped

Do you want some quirky tea bag rest for your home? Then you can choose the shape of hands for them. It will look like someone is holding on to the abandoned tea bags for you.

  1. Teddy bear-shaped

It is very difficult to choose the correct shape of tea bags if you are decorating the dining hall for children to get together. In that case, you can choose teddy bear-shaped tea bag rest and use them as a plate for energy drink sachets for your kids.

  1. Flower-shaped

If you are wondering what type of tea bag rests to buy then there is a conventional shape forever and that is the flower shape. But you can experiment with that by choosing different types of flower shapes available in the market.

  1. Fish or oyster

Are you a lover of aqua life? Then you must try out fishes or oyster shaped quirky tea bag rest for your dining table. It will look really elegant.

  1. Coin shaped

Coin shaped tea bag rests are quite popular right now and also it has an advantage to your life. It will keep reminding you of your pending bills and savings plan.

  1. Book shaped

All book lovers around the world generally like to decorate their whole surroundings with bookish items. So they can also choose some book-shaped tea bag rest for their dining space.

  1. Printed rests

Print is always in the trend. And if you don't want a boring tea bag rest for your home then you can choose some nice printed ones and it will look quirky with the surroundings.

  1. Closed boxes

It does not always look cool to keep the tea bags open here and there. In that case, you can choose to have some closed boxes which you can keep on the dining table and take out the bags from them whenever you want. 

  1. Artist palette

If you are a painter or an artist from inside then you can choose the shape of an artist palette to keep your teabags. It will give you an artistic vibe in the early morning when you will just get out of your bed and have some tea. And you will be more inspired to create different arts throughout the day.

  1. Animal shaped

Some cute animal-shaped quirky tea bag rest is there in the market which you can use to decorate your home nicely. You can choose any animal as per your character or you can mix and match them to make them look a bit cuter.

  1. Superhero themed

If you are any of the superhero fans then you can use those superhero pictures to engrave on your tea bag rest. It will keep up your spirit all throughout your day if you start your morning with them.

  1. Movie-themed

These days, we are really into movies and web series a lot. And we also incorporate these themes into our life. So you can also choose movie or web series themed tea bag rest to buy for your home decor. 

  1. Wooden rests

If you want a very minimalistic design for your dining hall then you can choose a wooden tea bag rest for your home. It will give a simple look to your interior.

  1. Glass painting

Glass painting is a very interesting art and you can try out your hands on them by painting your glass made tea bag rest and make them look a bit more quirky.

  1. Fruit slice shaped

If you want to keep the tea bag resting on your dining table then you can also choose some food-themed race like fruit slices. You can choose any fruit like lemon or watermelon or a combination of them to make it look a bit colourful.

  1. Star-shaped

The shape of the star is very common but quite beautiful in terms of teabag rests on the dining table. This shape looks elegant to any kind of home decor all the time.

  1. Geometric shaped

You can try out different geometric-shaped quirky tea bag rest for your home. You can choose any shape like a circle, square or triangle to give it a nice look.

So these were a few quirky ideas for your teabag rests. You can buy them and enjoy your tea a little bit more. These are not only functional but great decor items for your tables. Visit Ellementry today to buy some of the best teabag rests. 

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