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Since ages, wooden chaklas have been known for adding health to most families.

Regardless of being a foodie or not, chaklas are found at every house, restaurant, eating junctions, etc. across the globe. Apart from giving us the right shaped roti or chapati, it is also known for adding the nutritious value to a roti. From paranthas to puri, most flours made items in the kitchen need the assistance of a chakla. People who understand what food artistry means, know the significance of a wooden chakla in the kitchen.

Following are some wooden chakla benefits that we bet you were not aware of: 

    • A durable piece: 

Look around your kitchen, which items do you find that is an integral part of it? Well, we know a lot of items, right? And in that list is your wooden chakla belan (also known as rolling board and rolling pin). Unlike other materials, wood is one of its kind of fine material that stays for a longer time. A wooden chakla stays with you for as long as you want. Also, its washing is never a hassle. 

    • The heaviness matters: 

If you think, cooking has nothing to do with the right kind of utensil, the size of a ladle, and the heaviness of a chakla; you need to read this. Unlike marble or any other material, a chakla gives the edge of being light as a feather. Imagine your young ones cooking the meal today. Unfortunately, they cannot put the chakla on the kitchen countertop due to its heavy material, or they might injure their foot while doing so. We know this scares you! Avoid such incidents, by going for a wooden chakla made out of a refined material should always be your first choice for your kitchen. 

    • Easy maintenance: 

Unlike other materials, wood does not need much care. With a little right attention and care, your wooden chakla in the kitchen can serve for years. There are two main rules you should never forget when it comes to taking care of a wooden chakla,

- Never soak it

- Apply oil on it as and when needed

To maintain the natural moisture of wood, apply food oil on it regularly. This also prevents it from drying out. Moisture is essential for a chakla because without it the chakla can crack, lose texture and colour, and can split over the course. Also, do not use the dishwasher for keeping the chakla new and fresh. A Little soap with hot water will work wonders for the rolling board. Ellementry’s handcrafted wooden chaklas are easy to clean and maintain. 

    • Economical: 

Another factor that leads to the extensive purchase of wooden chaklas across the globe is that it is pocket-friendly. From 5 star restaurants to small cafes, wooden chaklas are found everywhere. Now, if they were not economical, would you see them almost everywhere? Apart from being a pocket-friendly kitchen item, it also has self-healing properties - reduces knife marks over the course (appears while cutting a cookie dough). Most rolling boards and pins are made of teak, mango wood, walnut, and maple hardwoods. To prevent the chakla from any bacterial growth, apply coconut oil on its surface regularly. 

    • The rolling pin complements the chakla well:

Without a rolling pin (belan) a chakla set isn’t complete. In fact, even if the chakla is not crafted out of wood, the rolling pin will always be made of wooden material. Simply because it gives the hands a good grip and is light to hold. The synergy between the two is excellent when made from the same material. To clean these two fellows, never use a tong (chimta) or any other sharp item like that. Hot water and clean cloth are more than what you will require. Ellementry’s chakla-belan sets come with a stand to keep the belan on. 

    • The ease wooden feet: 

All wooden chaklas either have two or three wooden feet or a round ring below the chakla to protect the kitchen countertop and provide the right balance. The wooden feet offer the ease of putting down and lifting the chakla without any hassle. From round chapatis to square-shaped paranthas, a chakla will assist you in all your cooling needs. Usually, 10” is the apt size of a chakla.

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Pointers you should keep in mind when it is about taking care of a Wooden Chakla:

    • The wooden disk should never be rubbed with rough materials like knives and iron rods. 
    • Always use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the chakla off. 
    • Use tap water to wash the wooden chakla instead of putting it into a dishwasher. 
    • Use a plain surface to work on the dough; otherwise, the chakla won’t balance nicely. 

The Final Take Away: 

Wood has always been the king when choosing a rolling pin for the kitchen. If your heart does not choose the wooden chakla then you need to seriously think of the pros and cons of the material you prefer over wood. Because frankly, if the world is choosing wood, there must be a plethora of benefits attached to it.

 Wooden Chakla Belan

We at Ellementry strongly believe that a kitchen is a stage for people who love to present their cooking artistry with utmost love and special recipes. Do not let your artistry suffer because of not choosing the right chakla material.

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