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lantern products range from the lowest price being INR 100000 to the highest price being INR 0.

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Ellementry products are the perfect blend of desires and necessities. They are shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities. Here good design isn't a privilege; it is customary as the brand believes in driven by its six pillars. It's not just about products, but inspiring refined and comfortable living. For example, the handcrafted Candle Lanterns from Ellementry are the way to feature the mood lighting for the home. It is a beautiful way to decorate your home filled with simplicity and tradition. With alluring designs, these lanterns can blend with any type of interiors. These eco-mix handcrafted lanterns are made of papier-mache, an art form using newspaper, glue and flour, and this makes these eco-friendly and ecological. The zigzag pattern of these lantern makes an exciting design that makes the lamp looks good even without a flickering candle. Use these lantern with a pillar candle or fairy lights. Eco-mix lanterns are recommended for indoor or covered areas only.