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The fresh smell of rain. Mom's preparations from the kitchen. The sweet smell from a lover's hair.  Some fragrances go past all of our senses and speak directly to our souls. And the smell of freshly baked preparations is without a doubt a part of this list.  Over the soundtrack of music, baking is not just another hobby, but an art and those who practice this art, know that it's about the journey and not just about what comes out after the ting. Our ceramic tart pan is completely crafted by hands. The ceramic tart dish gets along well with the oven. And being hand-painted, it adorns your tarts and other sweets on the table too. Tarts and sweet little nothings deserve to be dressed well, be it in the oven or while being laid out and our ceramic tart dish pan meets both purposes. We've hand-painted the designs on ceramic, so they fit different sensibilities. Take the barnyard collection, for example. It takes your love for baking and passion for desserts, country roads with its blend of yellow and green shades. You can buy tart dish online at ellementry.com. We get your love for baking and treat our creations with the same love.