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In India, tea is one of the most prefered beverage. At home, we have the privilege to brew the loose tea, but outside the house, it is often not possible, especially in the office. So tea bags come handy. Well, the purpose of the teabag is to do the same, to make the tea best it first have to be dipped in the cup and then it ought to remove at the end of a specific brewing period. But when you remove it from the cup where do you keep it? Here comes the tea bag rest. At Ellementry you will find a variety of beautiful and useful teabag on which you can neatly rest your used teabags. It works better than a paper napkin and makes drinking tea more fun and no mess around. The teabag rests at Ellementry are handcrafted and a great add on to a tea-themed gift set too. It's perfect not just for putting your teabag but spoon also. So, no more tea bag dips with these teabag rest that adds flair and style to your tea drinking.