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Tea is something that most people love to have, and in India, there is always time for tea. There are a variety of ways to prepare tea, it is not just a drink but a healthy drink if drink in moderation with good quality of tea leaves. Brewing tea perfectly makes it an enjoyable drink.At home, you have the liberty to brew it our way but in office, if you want to have a cup of good healthy tea made from tea leaves of your choice, then you need a tea strainer. The usual machine tea made from tea bag can never match the taste of brewing your tea! At ellementry, you have a convenient option to brew your tea using our artistic handcrafted metal tea strainer. You can have 'whole leaf' tea also in this as this silver tea strainer enable ease and simplicity of multiple brewing. Buy our tea strainer with handle, and you can place on most of the teapots/kettles. The base unit catches any falling tea drops after removing the strainer from the teapot. The silver lacquering gives it a royal look too.