Two words always discussed together, no matter which corner of the world you are in. Those words are ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Hygiene.’ There is no way you can separate them. They go together in every situation and at every place.

Eating healthy is only half part of maintaining good health. Eating clean is equally important. The word is simple to pronounce but much harder to maintain and put into action. Give yourself and your kitchen the gift of hygiene with Ellementry.

It is the simple things in the kitchen that we forget to follow. It eventually leads to food poisoning. Some common diseases among people like diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea are some evidence of an unhygienic environment.


Here are 5 things to do to implement food safety practices at your place:

Hand wash

Let’s be honest. Not everyone takes hand washing seriously. Most people give their hands a quick rinse under the water, while some doesn’t do it at all. This might look unimportant to you, but the habit of washing hands covers at least 70% of your hygiene maintenance.

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You must clean them before cooking, after using the restroom, after disposing of your garbage, after entering the home. Wash them for about 10-15 seconds with warm water and hand wash.

Wash your grocery bags after usage

Celery and meat products that you buy from a grocery store are usually not clean. Dirt and germs on them tend to stick to your bags. So it becomes crucial to wash them, if not daily, then at least once every week. All the products that you carry in the bag left behind potential harmful bacteria. Toss them in the washing machine and always use a clean and tidy bag.

Careful rinsing of poultry products

You might prefer washing meat in your kitchen’s sink before cooking. When you wash it, you ignore the splash of water from the sink. This water lands on the area around the sink.

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This whole act of cleaning ends up contaminating everything around. Either you wash these products carefully, or you don’t wash them at all. Do not worry about the bacteria on them. They will eventually die once they will cook to their proper internal temperature.

Always use clean sponges

When you wash your cookware, do you ensure that your sponge is clean and doesn’t have any impurities left from the previous usage? After their usage, you must dry all your sponges. A wet sponge is home to many bacteria and yeast that are not visible from naked eyes. Clean them so that your kitchenware items remain healthy to use.

Use clean towel

Washing your hands is good. But the job is half done. You have to dry them with a clean and dry towel. A wet one usually hosts a lot of germs from previous use. The towel that you use in the kitchen to wipe your countertop must be washed and replaced with a fresh one every day.

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Here are some products by Ellementry that will help you make 100% hygiene food for your loved ones.

Terracotta curd setter with wooden lid-natural

Preparing the perfect curd is not a child’s play. The process demands optimum temperature and an appropriate utensil. A great curd is born in a great container. The container must be alkaline, porous and natural. This terracotta curd setter is a suitable breeding ground for the bacteria that are required to make curd. It will soak all the excess water. All you get in the end is pure, creamy and thick curd.

Carbon ceramic chip-n-dip

In India, we present our guests with everything of the best kind. Their hospitality is considered no less than worshipping in our culture. Serving them in stained dishes would be a matter of embarrassment and disappointment.

This ceramic chip-n-dip comes with a hand-marbled texture that draws appreciation when you’re hosting your special guests. Serve them nachos, chips, deep-fried fritters or anything to munch on.  

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Terracotta is the most eco-friendly material. Bakeware made from it is perfect for all purposes. They are best for slow cooking and are entirely oven friendly. The fact that it distributes the heat evenly over the surface makes it desirable for cooking and baking purposes. A dish cooked slowly tastes heavenly. The most impressive feature of this terracotta baking dish is that you can cook and serve in it. 

Buy all these products at Ellementry. Follow the right food safety practices whether outside or at home and stay safe. 

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