People all across the globe are hit by the pandemic. As many countries and states are imposing lockdown for the betterment of their citizens, the working class has no other option than to work from home. After all, one needs to earn his daily bread and butter.

However, this new working methodology has its own set of perks as well as challenges. When working from an office, you have all the required infrastructure and aura that allow you to unleash your productivity.

But when working from home, it can get hard to establish complete focus. When you can do so, there is a lot that you overlook, such as consuming an adequate amount of water and other fluids. The hot summer sun is blazing in all its glory and increases the temperature indoors.

The task at hand is important, but more important is staying hydrated. Your immune system and brain will function at optimum capacity only when you will give it the refreshment that it needs.

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Ellementry understands what modern people look for and how to help people stick to their roots. This is why the brand has the most amazing summer collection that anyone would love to bring home.

Here are some ways you can stay hydrated this season!

Drink Plenty of Water

This one might sound obvious, but it is a sure-shot way of staying hydrated. The body requires an adequate amount of H2O to thrive. So, you mustn’t let the water levels go down inside you.

You can keep a carafe or water bottle on your working table to ensure that you don’t forget to take a sip now and then. If you like cool drinks, then use a terracotta bottle to store beverages. That way, the drink will stay naturally cool and will also taste much better. 

Equip Yourself with A Water Bottle

Another tried and tested way of ensuring that your body stays hydrated is keeping a water bottle with you. If you are on your desk for a stretched amount of time, a terracotta bottle with a wooden lid and tumbler will come in handy.

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You can drink beverages or any other beverage at any time you wish. Even if you move a lot, carrying a bottle will be handy. Those who have a nice bottle to carry like to take it around to show it off.

Set Alarms To Keep Sipping

Are you one of those who get so immersed in work that even having a glass water bottle on the table doesn’t help? Do you never get to remember to drink water? Then, what you can do is set alarms on your laptop, workstation or phone. It must ring every couple of hours. It will also allow you to stretch your muscles and walk around a little bit to get the blood running. 

Stay Away From Dehydrating Snacks

When you are working hard the entire day, it is natural to feel hungry. Sometimes, when the body needs hydration, the message your brain perceives is that it needs food. This is why staying hydrated is so essential.

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Also, salty foods, alcohol, coffee, etc., makes your body lose its water faster. It is better to stick to a healthier diet and enjoy fruits that are high in liquid content. 

Flavour Is the Way Of Life

Most people aren’t fond of plain liquid. If you also prefer some flavour then add it to your water. Summers are a great time to enjoy lemon soda, juices, lassi and more. You can make detox drinks by adding lime, fresh fruits, mint leaves and more into your drinking water. 

Drinkware options that you can bring home from Ellementry:

Glass Water Dispenser

There are water dispensers that are available in a variety of material, but one made from glass is new and exciting. Add it to your kitchen to make everyone drink more liquids. It will add to the overall appeal of the space. 

Terracotta Water Bottle with Sphere Stopper

For your workstation, get yourself a terracotta bottle with a sphere stopper. The striking design and goodness of terracotta will refresh you. The earthy goodness is known to keep the body much hydrated. This 100% nature-born, sustainable and food-safe drinkware is handcrafted to blend into your modern lifestyle beautifully.

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Drink More Glass Water Bottle with Ceramic Stopper

If you want to keep track of how much liquid you consume every day, then a glass bottle is perfect. The beautiful glass topper will enhance the bottle’s overall appeal. 

Ellementry has the best drinkware collection that you can go through and keep yourself hydrated in fun ways. 

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