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A decade ago, the word ‘green’ and being ‘sustainable’ meant saving water and using more bamboo products. People didn’t pay much heed to the cause back then. Now, we have greatly disturbed the ecological balance and are battling with its consequences. 

The issues are severe in certain parts of the world, but hope is still there. There is a lot in our hands, and just a few small actions can bring a large impact. Celebrating earth day shouldn’t be limited to chanting some slogans or do your part on that day only. 

This day acts as a reminder every year that we have to continue with the green practices and push ourselves a little further. It is only we who can change the world into a much better place. Luckily, certain brands are moving forward in their business endeavours with an environmentally conscious approach. 

Ellementry as a brand is committed towards making your home sustainable. Here, you can shop every kitchen and decor item made from materials safe for the planet. However, there is no compromise on design and beauty. Each product is hand-designed by gifted artisans. 

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Are you wondering what raw materials you must focus on to do your part towards saving Mother Earth? The list below will guide and inform you. 


When anything is attained directly from the earth in its purest form, it is considered eco-friendly. The natural quality of this substance is making terracotta extremely popular. Simply put, it is clay that can be used to craft a variety of products. 

The manufacturing process is also simple and does not include any harmful chemicals or elements. The clay is heated and shaped into desired products, whether it is carafe, sprouter, curd setter, baking dish, water bottle or any other item. The moment the shape sets, clay becomes a long-lasting material and can also be recycled. 

Terracotta Drinkware



Every child in school is taught about the paper mache technique. It is the art of combining glue, water and paper to make strong and usable products. What you might have forgotten is the fact that this method is an environmentally friendly technique to create new items. 

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If you are a creative soul, try making some items for your home and kitchen using this technique. At, you can buy beautiful and stunning products made from ecomix, such as cutlery stand, storage box, vase, lantern and more. 

All these items are intricately designed to elevate the beauty of your home. The raw texture and incredible design will attract the eyes. 


Many individuals love products made from glass, but do not consider it an environmentally safe material. However, the fact is, glass is sustainable and a fully recyclable raw material.

Our glass serveware products are made of recycled, future-friendly glass that is mouth- blown. Thanks to its reusability, a wide array of natural resources are saved and preserved. It’s lime, sand and soda in a 2000-degree furnace, and you get the molten glass that is hand-blown, shaped and cooled into the solid state we love it for. 

It is easy to melt at lower temperatures, thus consuming less energy. It elevates the space around it, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing appeal and various characteristics. Our glassware maintains international food-safety standards and never interferes with anything that it stores.  

Mango Wood 

When one thinks of mango wood, the concern comes to mind. Most individuals are under the impression that a mango tree is cut down to harvest this wood. From there on, it is used to craft various products which are in high demand. 

Mango wood platter


The tree is cut down, but only when the tree has completed its fruit-bearing lifespan. Wood used in our products is first treated for pest removal. All these finishes are food-safe. 

So, if you are buying a roti box, cake standplatter and more made from mango wood, don’t bear any burden on your conscience. You are taking a step towards sustainability. 


Yes, ceramic is environmentally friendly, unlike other popularly used materials. Ceramic is not burnt or melted, there is no risk of toxic gases mixing with the air that we breathe. 

There is hardly any pollution when products are designed from this material. You will find a variety of homeware products at ellementry in cookware, tableware, serveware, decor and lighting. 

Celebrate earth day, every day by investing in goods that are made from the above mentioned raw materials. The best thing is that you can find items made from these materials all under one roof with Ellementry. 

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