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When people are in search of sustainable and beautiful products, only one name pops up in the mind – Ellementry. The brand, since its inception, is wholeheartedly dedicated to the creation of stunning and gorgeous kitchenware and decor items.


The brand follows one simple rule and that is making small things beautiful. Every product is handcrafted by local and extremely talented artisans. The love of art runs in their blood, and the talent is passed onto new generations.


But what remains intact is the passion, the love that is visible in every product offered by Ellementry. So without further ado, let’s talk about the top beautiful finds we picked from the website.


Jharoka Lantern

When one thinks of a lantern, either paper lanterns come to the mind or the ones that people witness in rural areas. Lanterns are currently a hot décor item. More and more homeowners are adding to their space to bring in that rustic charm.

Jharokha Lantern


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However, this jharoka lantern is the perfect example of fusion. It is handmade and with eco mix material, combining newspaper, glue and flour. Hand it where ever you like and couple it with t-lights or string fairy lights. The aura will be an enchanting one.


Fiore Ceramic Condiment Set

Moving onto the dinner table, the Fiore ceramic condiment set is a gorgeous piece that you must invest in. Condiment set is a part of every household and also vital. It can be used for several purposes, such as to keep sugar, dry fruits, pickles, mouth freshener, salt, pepper and more.


Fiore ceramic bowl


If you have used the conventional condiment set, then you know how boring it can look at times. So, add a dash of freshness with this pick and make your dinner table look livelier.


Carbon Ceramic Chip-N-Dip

Do you love when the family comes together to enjoy a new movie, a popular series or a cricket match? Well, during this time, snacks are in high demand. Set those traditional glass bowls aside and opt for this new and trendy carbon-ceramic chip-n-dip set.


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The serveware tray is big and spacious enough to hold a lot of snacks. The bowl will allow you to pour in the dips to enjoy with the nibbles. The hand marble textures of the tray and bowl add to its beauty and your hospitality.


Fleur D'or Wooden Cutlery Stand

Whether you have a classy kitchen or a normal one, the right kitchenware items can make a lot of difference. Fleur d'or wooden cutlery stand set is that piece of kitchenware and tableware item that can enhance the way your kitchen or dining area looks.


You can take the looks a notch by option for the entire 'Fleur D'or' collection. The wooden products coupled with artistic flower painting will lighten and brighten up the mood.


Sienna Terracotta Carafe with Lid

Sienna terracotta carafe with lid can become your perfect summer partner. The product is made from terracotta, working as a natural water cooler. You can also store other dairy-based drinks inside it for a longer duration and enjoy them while on the go.


The carafe will give you all the benefits of clay when you use it regularly. It comes with an air-tight wooden lid that keeps spills and leaks away.


Eclipse Ceramic Dessert Plate Set Of 4

Last but not least on our list of top finds is this awe-inspiring eclipse ceramic dessert plate set of 4. If you wish to entertain the guest on the right foot and make dining table conversation top-notch, then this dessert plate set will be perfect for the job.



Its beauty will not go unnoticed, and your guests will love to talk about your unique choice. The Grey base with black leaves pattern is in perfect harmony. Special dinners will become worth remembering.


Ellementry has left no stone unturned when it comes to design, style, beauty and function. Every product is a piece of art. Whether it is kitchen, dining table or décor item, you can find stunning products all under the same roof.


The sustainable material and handcrafted products add another feather to their elaborate cap. Now that you have some top picks in front of you, how many will you add to your home? Be generous because your home deserves nothing but the best.


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