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Besides removing the darkness, enlightening the atmosphere and filling up space with calming fragrance, candles can also create magic with their colourful waxes. Candles are meant for various religious ceremonies and rituals so do their colours. Candle colours are associated with different meanings and significance.

Each colour has its own meaning and possesses a different intensity of energy. Every time when a candle with a particular colour lit, it releases energy and creates some sort of magic through it. The candles are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours each with special meaning and magic. Candles are available as sticks, floating one, wax in a jar, wax-filled bowls, and many more. Just like candles, wax jars or bowls also come in different colours. Either the wax would have a colour or the jar itself would be colourful.

Lit the wick of a candle with colourful wax and spread the magic everywhere. But it is not that easy to choose the correct candle colour for the particular moment. Select a perfect candle colour for each occasion and moment of your life. Following candle colours and their magical meanings will help you in deciding the perfect candle or wax bowl for yourself. You can check out the variety of wax bowls in different colours available on Ellementry.

  • Black 

Black candle colour has significance for absorbing negativity and for the destruction of negative energy. Burning a black candle has a magical impact as it symbolizes the end of the phase of life. It also means the beginning of something new and significant.

  • Red and Maroon

Red is the colour that enhances love, sex, and vitality. Lit the wick of red and deep red candle colour wax jar at your place and it will fill up the place with its energy. Dark red colour or maroon colour also found to diminish the negativity. Have a maroon wax filled glass bowl from Ellementry and fill the place with love and eliminate the negativity. 

  • Blue

Blue colour candles possess a power of inspiration, happiness, and healing. It is recommended to light up a blue colour candle at the time of meditation as it helps in healing the psychic mind and increases the level of inspiration

  • Yellow

Yellow is a colour that is associated with creativity, intelligence, and confidence. Burning a candle or yellow wax-filled bowl will help in enhancing communication, manifesting thought and helps in converting plans into action. It also leads to enhance clarity and creativity. 

  • Green

In every tradition and culture, green is the colour of growth and has a magical connection with money. It is associated with fertility, health, and abundance. Elementary's green wax filled glass bowl helps you in feeling prosperous and happy. 

  • Orange

Joy, energy, and stimulation are associated with an orange colour. Burning a candle with an orange colour enhances creativity, ambition, and strength of attraction. You can check out a wax-filled bowl of orange wax on Ellementry.

  • Purple 

Purple is the colour of royalty, tranquillity, and wisdom. Lighting a purple colour candle helps in increasing spiritual awareness and building up a connection with the psychic matter. 

  • Pink

Pink is the colour of emotional well-being, friendship, and positive self-love. It is well known that burning a pink colour candle meant for growth in compassion in self-love. A beautiful romantic night can be more beautiful with the pink candles around the room. 

  • Grey

Since grey lies in between black and white, thus its effect is also in between these two. Grey candle colour is meant for neutrality and balance. Burning a grey colour candle neutralizes the negativity. 

  • Turquoise 

Turquoise colour visibly provides a feeling of calmness, stimulates creativity and also has a soothing feeling of healing. Burning wax-filled bowl with candle colour turquoise enhances the spirit of exploration. 

  • Lavender

Lavender colour lies somewhere in between the white and purple, thus also the influence and magic of the colour. The candle colour with lavender tint ints wax increasing intimacy, friendship, and peace. Burn the lavender colour candle and felt the peace, spirituality, and passion.   

  • White

The most common colour among the candles that are available in the shops and homes is a white colour candle. The main purpose of burning a candle or white wax-filled bowl helps in spreading peace and purity in the surrounding. Even the beauty of the white candle destruct the negativity at the place. 

  • Gold

Gold colour candles are burnt during the traditional festivities and celebrations as they are the symbol of solar energy, wealth will power and spiritual attainment. Burn some golden candles in the house to welcome fortune. 

  • Brown

Candles of brown colour are rarely found but they are significant in terms of its influence on persons’ emotional stability. This helps in making balance and building trust. Burn up some earthy colour candles in the house to get emotional stability. 

  • Silver

Just like golden colour, silver colour candles have an association with the moon. Lighting up the silver colour wax filled bowls enhances the dreaming, love, and also helps in psychic development. These candles also have a representation of the Goddess.

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Candle colour for specific days of the week 

Candle colour magic is associated with the particular day of the week. Lighting a wax-filled jar of a specific colour on a particular day will make it perfect. Days with significance with particular candle colours are listed. 

  • Monday- It is recommended to burn candles of colour grey, white or silver. 
  • Tuesday- Light up red wax-filled candles on loving Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday- Purple colour candles which boost up passion need to be burned in the nights of Wednesdays. 
  • Thursday- increase the happiness on Thursdays and burn blue colour candles around. 
  • Friday- On Fridays light up green candles and bring up growth and abundance everywhere. 
  • Saturday- Burn some black candles on Saturdays to remove the negativity from the workplace or home. 
  • Sunday- In most of the cultures, Sunday is the day for prayers and lighting up golden and silver colour candles are great offerings. 

Coloured wax filled bowls and coloured candles have significance and magic as elaborated in the article. It is best to burn candles according to their significance to bring joy and harmony with love and passion in your lives. Visit Ellementry to check out different colores wax bowls and jars.

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