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Ask any woman does she need a dressing table? The answer would be obviously'' yes”. I think it is a very important part of any one’s bedroom furniture. It contains all the secrets of a lady’s beauty and grace with which she carries herself in front of the world. It’s a lifeline for her. A dressing table not only helps a woman to get ready for a particular occasion but also helps the people living in that room to organize their stuff in a systematic way. Thus, dressing table decor is a crucial part of any human being’s life. 

Everyone always wants their personal room/bedroom should not only look tidy and organized but also it should look welcoming and beautiful all the time. To enhance the decor of your room you work in all possible ways like using beautiful wall decor, bedroom decor, and table decor but when it comes to dressing table we often don’t give it that much of importance. Just purchasing a trendy dressing table is not enough but even decorating it is also very important. To decorate your dressing table you can play with various objects like a photo frame, vase, and other beautifying artifacts. If you want to enhance the beauty of your dressing table the most unique way to do it is to use candles. Surprised? You must be thinking how a candle can be a good idea on the dressing table? So we will tell you various reasons why you should consider decorating your dressing table with candles. You must check out Ellementry to see the variety of candles for dressing table.                       

They Are Economic

Candles are the most popular decor item as they are affordable and easily available. Nowadays you can buy candles not only from decor shops but online too. A large variety of candles can be seen in the market with various shapes and scents. Select the one which goes with your taste and room decor.

They Enhance Your Room Decor

Don’t you always feel good and fresh in a room where a beautiful scented candle is present? Candles are a stylish way to add that finishing touch to your room decor. Candles are versatile and look good in every room. Candles not only give that perfect light but also add beauty to your room decor. If you use a gorgeous candle on your dressing table it will act as a focal point in your dressing table’s look and also it will enhance your room’s decor. You can find n number of candles from tea lights to wax jars and wax bowls at Ellementry at an affordable price.


What happens when you enter your room and your nostrils are filled with an overwhelming scent. Definitely it will make you relax and light up your mood. Scents are known to have positive effects on the human mind and body. Keeping a nice scented candle on your dressing table is the best idea if you want your and your partner’s mood to refresh and lighten. Select a candle with a scent that works for you. While getting ready, you may want the scent of something refreshing like lime or lavender. These scents help you relax and focus better on your make-up process.

Ambiance & Atmosphere

Ambience produced by a candle simply can’t be replicated. Lighting a few candles placed on a dressing table will create a cosy and intimate effect in your room. Adding candles on your dressing table will add softness in your room and will instantly make it warm and welcoming. At Ellementry you can find many chic candles that will give the perfect ambience you want in your room.


Burning candles can be beneficial for your health. A healthy lifestyle means taking care of your mind and body. Lighting candles on your dressing table will induce calm and sense of well being when you will enter your room. Aromatherapy candles are available that can make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, calm and stress-free. Select the perfect candle for your dressing table so that when you enter your room after a long tiring day you feel refreshed and happy. Examples of such candles are vanilla, orange, lavender, etc. You can check out Vanilla and orange wax-filled jars on Ellementry.                                      


The sense of smell is strongly connected with memory. Everyone has some or the other memory attached to a particular fragrance. If you also have good old memories attached to a particular scent, you can always relive those moments by keeping a candle of that fragrance on your dressing table. 

Restful sleep

In today’s hectic life many times we face sleepless nights. For a good sleep, our mind and body should relax. Aromatherapy or scented candles are said to have a positive effect on your mind and body and help you to sleep better. Keeping a candle on your dressing table can help you to get a good sleep thus keeping you active and fresh all day long.

Fights darkness

What if you want that perfect dim light in your room? What if you can’t sit in dark but don’t want that bright tube light or lamp to disturb you? Well, you can always reach the candle kept on your dressing table. Candle light is said to be very calm and romantic. Its light can nowhere be compared with the artificial light. So next time if you want to sit and relax in dim warm light in your room, don't forget to keep a nice candle on your dressing table. You can check Ellementry for that perfect candle for your dressing table. 


Candles are highly underrated when it comes to decor. They are only remembered in a lack of light. Everyone wants a special look for his/her house and especially for the bedroom. If you also want that as you enter your bedroom your stress should relieve and you should get a sound sleep , don’t forget to buy perfect candles for dressing table. You can select from a wide variety of aromatherapy and scented candles that come in various shapes and sizes. You can always check Ellementry for the kind of candle you want. So make your dressing table and entire room stunning and trendy by keeping those chic candles. Visit Ellementry today and make your dressing table decor trendy and unique.

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