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We live in an era where we wish to celebrate all the big and small events of our lives with our loved ones. Even if there is no occasion, some people still love to invite their friends and family over. This is why having the best cutlery along with fancy serving platters are of utmost importance. 

Ellementry understands the modern needs of the millennial generation. The brand offers top of the line trays and serving plates that can add more fun to any gathering. The products are made from a sustainable material, handcrafted, letting you grab additional brownie points in front of your guests.  

Silver Metal Platter- Square

Are you having company over or just a few friends? Serving treats in the best manner plays a substantial role. After all, your visitors will remember you for your hospitality and how you were a nice host to them. 

Silver Metal Platter Square

So, if you want to create a lasting impression on those who visit your home, this silver metal serving dish- square is a great option. Its unique design will capture attention. The serveware has enough space to place eatables or dry fruits.

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Pink Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

This salver is ideal for those who wish to take their hospitality skills a notch up. The soothing pink colour complemented by a dark shade on the outside makes it eye candy. You can serve fruits, sweets and savouries in this one. 

It is long and spacious enough for small-sized tasty treats. If you like to serve as a master chef, you can further decorate it with sauces and more for that ultimate impact. 

Bluish Grey Dolphin Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

Every household has those conventional serving dish set that is used in every time, irrespective of the occasion. But you can do things differently with this bluish grey dolphin metal-enamel fusion plate. 

It will be a great success at a kids’ party. You can also use it when there are guests at home, showing them your distinct serving skills. Place the sauce near the tail part or decorate it any way you want. Whatever you do, this dish will gather a lot of appreciation. 

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Sap Green Fish Metal- Enamel Fusion Platter

If you want to make a pair with your dolphin tray, choose sap green fish metal- enamel fusion dish. It will match and complement it nicely. The beautiful shape is highly attractive and speaks volume about the serving trend. When you place both the salvers in front of the guests, they will not be able to mask their delight. Awe-struck visitors are what you can expect! 

Brown Mango Wood Textured Platter

Textured items are in great demand these days. This is because they have artistic beauty that is irresistible. When a homemaker chooses a textured serving dish that is made from mango wood, the serving gets even more exciting. 

You will look for every excuse to get this tray out of the cupboard and place it in front of the company. Its sheer exquisiteness might triumph the treats you are serving. It's raw and handcrafted, making it nothing less than a piece of art.  

Tribal Mango Wood Platter With Legs Asymmetrical Black

How many serving trays have you seen that have legs to give them firm support? If legs on a plate are a new concept for you then you will fall head over heels in love with this tribal mango wood salver with legs asymmetrical black. 

Mango Wood Textured Platter

Based on the tribal theme, the tray is ideal for serving cakes, desserts, sweets and other treats. You can also use it as a decor item for your table. Place t-lights and more on top of it to make the home decoration even more stunning. 

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Pink Waves Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

Are you in search of an art piece for your home? Do you want a table decor item that can serve many purposes? Well, then do have a look at pink waves metal-enamel fusion dish. 

If your home is frequented by visitors, then this server will be a great addition to table decor. It will direct people’s eyes towards it. Top it up with some salted nuts or sweets for instant serving. T-light holder or any other decor piece will also gel well with it.  

Did you like these serving dishes? Then, what are you waiting for? Visit today and add these items to your cart. The product you receive will meet all your expectations, giving complete worth to your money. 

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