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When getting a new piece of furniture is not feasible in the budget, one of the easiest ways to change things up is by switching up the hardware of the furniture. Change of fittings on any furniture can give it a subtle yet significant difference that can be refreshing. 

Even if it is a new cabinet, there is so much that perfect hardware can add to the furniture. There are so many different cabinet hardware items like knobs, legs, wheels, closing fixtures, etc. that can be changed according to the design style of the house to match the other items in the space.

When considering the hardware for any of the furnishings in the new build, it is crucial to analyze the design style of the house and also to make sure that it's cohesive with the rest of the furnishings and appliances in the house. 

There are many different furniture cabinet hardware ideas available nowadays in the market, which makes it easier to find the right fit for your style. 

Knobs, in particular, play a more significant role as they are the ones that are most commonly noticed and extensively used hardware amongst all of them. You must check out Ellementry for some of the best furniture cabinet hardware items.

Here are some of the most trending knobs or hand pulls for the year of 2020: 

  • Bronze pull

Bronze metal, when used as hardware, proves to be very sturdy as well as rustic looking as it gets better with use. The patina look of the bronze looks ethereal like from the ancient Greek period. These are perfect furniture cabinet hardware ideas for when you want to change to freshen things up. Adding these bronze handles to kitchens provide an ideal way to mix metals to give an eclectic look. 

  • Brass handles 

Brass gives a beautiful feminine vibe to a room that can be used to balance out the hardwood masculine tones in a house.  Brass always looks good despite the patina on it, but it can require a little bit of maintenance to upkeep its shiny new look. 

  • Wooden knobs

Wooden knobs are perfect for those who enjoy the aesthetic look of their storage units, and it would fit in flawlessly with the interior of their home. They have an appealing look to them, but that doesn't compromise their function. 

It's not fussy and doesn't have to take care of as often as the metal ones. If necessary, then it is possible to clean them with a gentle detergent. These types of knobs are sustainable, and it is possible to get excellent quality and handcrafted from online shops like Ellementry. 

  • Modern invisible hardware 

Modern minimalistic homes are all about reducing the number of things that clutter up space and allowing our eyes to move fluidly through a place without stopping to spot every single detail. This hardware is invisible as it is an inbuilt mechanism that allows the cabinets to be accessible by just touch. This goes perfect for people with minimalist or contemporary design styles. 

  • Vintage coloured knobs

 Coloured hardware, regardless of the material, can add some character to a bland and boring room in a very subtle way. The colour of the knobs can be customized to match the room and the colour palette. Ellementry also offers several coloured knobs for your cabinets, dressers, doorway, etc in colours like white, blue, green and natural wood, so it'll be easier to find one that fits your needs. 

  • Copper hardware

Copper is a stunning colour that is now being widely used in the kitchen in pots and pans and even the range hood of the exhaust. But if you are not ready to commit for such a drastic change, then the simplest way to incorporate some copper elements in your house is by using them in hardware items like handles and knobs especially in the kitchen. 

  • Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel hardware has a gross understatement of being boring, but it's not, and it's also going to be one of the trendy hardware finishes this year. The steel finish works beautifully with another trend this year which is dark lower cabinets, so it's a win-win situation. And since most of the appliances in the kitchen come with steel finishes, stainless steel hardware is more appropriate in the average household.

  • Leather pulls

Leather gives out an extremely masculine personality when used in any context, so when used as a drawer or cabinet pulls it instantly toughens up space. The konjac colour of the leather gives an exceptionally rustic and rugged vibe that is perfect for a bachelor's pad. 

  • Chrome handle

Chrome is a shiny silver finish that has an attractive lustrous finish that adds to the ambience of the place. When used on pull out type handles on cabinets and drawers it acts almost like a statement piece on its self. 

  • Matte black

Matte Black is the colour of the decade and would be a classy, timeless accent if used on the house. However, if you are not sure if you'll like it and want to test it out, then try out the knobs and handles in a matte black finish. Depending on the style of the knob or feel, it can give out an authentic or modern chic vibe to the place.

  • Out of the box 

This type of knob is more of a miscellaneous category where any unique and creative knobs are recommended, honestly the weirder, the better. This kind of tiny details showcase the character of the person living in it, and it makes them appreciate your quirks. Out of the box can refer to any weird, crazy knob ideas out there like a geode or a gold spray-painted miniature dinosaur toy, etc. 

Creativity is the key here, and as more and more people are embracing their true selves this year, it's time to start showing our character in everything and anything we do. These are some of the cabinet hardware items that you can use to lighten up a space to feel unique and personal. You must visit Ellementry to check out some of the best accessories for your furniture.

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