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The concept of drinking water from clay jugs is not new but an old and traditional concept. As you have heard, ‘old is gold’, same is the case with clay jugs. The clay jugs are power-packed with numerous health benefits. 

Mentioned below are some of the amazing health benefits of using clay jugs for water:

Stay cool: Storing water in clay jugs helps keep water cool naturally. Clay jugs not only cool the water down but also are power-packed with healing benefits with the element of earth in it. It keeps the water cool as per the climate and it’s this quality makes it very unique. Such quality cannot be found in any other container as it is due to the nature of the clay. Our scientists also claim that storing water in clay pots is the best way to store water. So if you want to stay cool and healthy, go and grab your clay jug. We will help you to buy jugs and enjoy the health benefits of using clay jugs. Check out Ellementry website for the same. 

Improve your metabolism and virility: We drink water from plastic containers without realizing the chemicals from the plastic are affecting us badly. Chemicals like BPA ( Bisphenol A) present in plastic cling to water molecules creating health hazards for us. Drinking water from a plastic container reduces the amount of testosterone in our body whereas drinking water from clay jug helps maintain the level of testosterone in our body. This is one of the important health benefits of drinking water from a clay jug.

Maintain Proper PH Balance: Health benefits of using clay jugs also comes from the alkaline nature of clay. It interacts with the acidity of water and helps to maintain the required PH balance in the water. This way it provides relief from gastronomic pains in the body. People also prefer cooking in earthen pots due to this nature of clay. 

Gentle On throat: People drink cold refrigerated water in summer to quench their thirst but this water can be harmful to the throat. The chilled water from the refrigerator can cause throat problems. Buy clay jugs and drink water from it. Water from clay jugs is usually gentle on the throat despite being cold. It is because the clay gives natural cooling to the water. It makes water an ideal drink for people suffering from cold and cough. 

Prevent sunstrokes: Sunstokes, especially during May and June, are quite common in India. To combat this problem, it is being suggested to drink water from clay jugs by followers of Ayurveda. This is so because the water stored in clay jugs becomes rich in nutrients- vitamins and minerals which protect the body from sunstrokes. This water also maintains body glucose levels. Buy jugs made of clay to enjoy the health benefits associated with it. 

Heal your body: We may not be aware but clay jug has healing properties. The clay is the storehouse of many minerals as well as electromagnetic energy. When we store water in such jugs, the energy is transferred to the water and when we drink water, it is transferred to our body. This way it heals our body.

Eco-friendly option: Why to choose something which can harm the environment when we have eco-friendly options available that too when it is packed with health benefits. Most of us prefer using plastic bottles to store water and follow the pattern of use and throw because of the convenience involved. Such convenience is not only harming our body but our environment too. Plastic contains harmful chemicals and does not get decomposed easily. Millions of plastic are created every year but only a part of it gets recycled or composted which results in various problems such as landfills, water pollution, harm to marine life, etc. using clay jugs instead of which are organic is an eco-friendly option which one should go for. Buy jugs that are environment-friendly not plastic which has zero health benefits. Health comes before convenience. 

Cheaper Option: If you will calculate the amount you spend buying plastic bottles is way more than the price of a clay jug. Even the amount spent in creating a plastic bottle is much more than the cost of a clay jug or pot. It takes more water to create a plastic bottle than the water it contains. Hence, in every way we are spending more on creating and buying plastic. If we shift our choice to buy jugs made of clay, we will save a lot of money and will be better off too in the realm of health. 

Easy to Clean: Well, you must be thinking about how it can be easy to clean is a health benefit. It can be. Have you ever noticed the leftover on your dish of a very small size clinging on your plate or a soap spot on your glass utensils? It can harm your health but when you are using a clay jug or pot, you don't need to use soap to clean it. As the clay is porous, you cannot use soap or dishwashing detergent to clean it. If you do it, soap will soak into the clay and can be an ingredient to your next meal or water. All you need is hot water and a stiff brush to clean it. When there is no soap, there is no leftover soap spot and hence, no chemical at all. 

Now, you must be feeling like buying a jug. Do not forget to reach us for a wide range of options on our Ellementry website and enjoy the health benefits of using clay jugs for water. 

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