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Many people live in spacious homes with large rooms and kitchens. However, other small space dwellers have to make most of every inch that is available to them. When a house is undersized, so is the cooking area. One has to think of creative solutions to utilize whatever is at their disposal and keep their cookhouse neat and well-kept. 

The listed below ideas will come in handy. Ellementry further empowers the methods with its unique kitchenware items and more. When you put the tips to practical use, you witness a cooking area that is no less than any of those big kitchens. 

Avoid Over Packing The Cabinets

The first step towards organizing a kitchenette is to avoid over-packing the cabinets. However, it is quite natural that you will need to put as many things as possible into the shelf as you are already running low on space. But the method only causes you trouble. Finding a particular item from a big pile gets daunting. 

Smart kitchen storage products

So, what you need to do is categorize using twine baskets. You can stack one on top of the other and even label it to know what each basket holds. You will have better control over the items in a particular cabinet, and accessing them will also be easy. 

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Opt for a Stunning Display

Another way of utilizing space in a small kitchen is using the walls. You can display the utensils, serveware, ladles and more using wall shelves. There is no need to put away all the things into the cabinets. It is a smart way of adding extra storage and making the limited area look chic and stylish. From terracotta items to copper pots, you can display it all. 

Cutting Boards Filing

Have a lot of cutting boards, serving platters and trays that are taking a lot of space? Instead of chucking those out, you can smartly line it in a way that you can free up space. Instead of placing them on the counter with bottoms down, file it. A filing organizer or even the corner of the cooking area can do the trick. Place them in a standing position, and small space will be enough for them all. 

Chopping Board Wood


Clear Containers Are In

Avoid using packets and store the items that you use regularly in glass jars. There are so many striking options to choose from and give your cooking space a stunning look. You can choose the labelled ones or designer pieces for easy storage. This way you will always be aware of things that are running low. Furthermore, adding such containers do not take a lot of room. Place them in creative ways to save space. 

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Shelves are the Way to Go

Areas above the washing sink are perfect to place shelves and to store dinnerware. It will also make the cleaning task convenient as you can wash them and put them in their designated space right away. This method works as a display. Handy storage spot for dinner items and more is always welcoming in every type of kitchen. 

Drawer Organizers to the Rescue

Most kitchens are equipped with drawers. But they are often used carelessly. Well organized drawers can do wonders and give you a lot of room to keep more items in one place. To make that happen, you will need organizers. 

If the drawers are big and spacious, add twine baskets to give each product category a designated area to be in. You will never misplace a single item, and the kitchen platform stays spick and span. 

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Touch the Ceiling

It is a waste to leave the area above kitchen cabinets empty. The best way of utilizing that room is by storing appliances and other heavy items that you are not using regularly. When the unused items will be moved to another area, you will have more space to use within easy reach. The counters stay clean and ready to be used, making the kitchenette look spacious. 

These solutions are simple to apply and offer some effective results. You will see a drastic change in how your kitchen looks, and the cooking experience will further elevate. Even your guests will be in awe of your smart solutions. 

Twine baskets, shelves, and an array of other kitchenware, serveware and dinnerware products can be easily sourced from You can either visit the store or shop online. 

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