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A table is one of the most significant furniture present in almost every household. Ergonomically, a table has a flat top with one or more legs. Some of the very early tables were made and used by the Ancient Egyptians around 2500 BC, using wood and alabaster. 

From Alabaster and Wood to Glass and Alloys, tables have come a long way in manufacturing material and utility. A table can be sophisticated yet serve its purpose as well. There are a range of tables and tableware set available in retail shops as well as online. 

Like any kitchenware, serve-ware or furniture, the type of table, its shape, size, and design would depend on various factors. Our furniture reflects our lifestyle choices. The type of tables and tableware are no exceptions. Tableware may include tableware platescutlery and tableware glasses 

Table Manners in Party


The new digital age has taken a significant proportion of the furniture market online. Moreover, if you are selecting tables and tableware online, there are a plethora of options to choose from. 

There are some tables used for seated persons to have coffee - for instance, the coffee table. It is a low table used in living rooms to display items or serve refreshments. Ideal tableware for such tables could be a coffee table. Then there are hand side tables. The bedside tables can hold an alarm clock or a lamp. 

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Tables are furniture, supporting a family dynamically. Hence, the choice should be made based on user tastes and requirements. Some vital things that a table tells about its household are: 

Aesthetic Assortment:

Different families have different lifestyle choices. Some like to keep the interior traditionally rich and vibrant, while others find peace in minimalism. The beauty that furniture provides to an interior depends on the taste of the members. 

If your choice is modern, clean looking fusion furniture and you are also are a coffee fan, then a coffee table is the way to go. If you have a love for reading - a two-layered coffee-table enables you to have a place holder for your books on the bottom shelf. You can sift through the pages of your favourite poetry books or fashion magazines while sipping your coffee on a lazy weekend. 

    • Families that stay together: 

No one size fits all. So the civilizations living across the world have different lifestyle needs. There are some households with nuclear families and others with traditional joint-families. The size, shape and design of a dining table should depend on various factors. For instance, a large joint family would need a relatively bigger dining table than a nuclear family. 

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There are traditional families with a specific, hierarchical seating arrangement - the size and the shape of the furniture should ideally be chosen, accordingly. Families hosting a social gathering might need Two Decker tables. These multi-functional tables hold the bar tools and offer stable surfaces for keeping the drinks in between sips. 

    • Tableware sets the tone:

Tableware may include glassware, crockery, and cutlery to serve and eat meals.  There are households where the tables have inbuilt drawers with just a single showpiece or vase kept on them. 

This kind of set-up could be a minimalistic interior décor. There are households with tables with matching tableware – even if they are used seldom in productive activities. Most often than not, a perfect table lamp on the side table of the bed makes the bedrooms more comfortable and cosy. 

    • Faith and Taste hand in hand

Some households prioritize aesthetics while others decorate from the religious and architectural point-of-view. For instance, those practising the ancient Chinese geomancy of Feng Shui may keep their furniture, specifically.


Practicing table manners

All of the decorative items and tableware like plants, photos, table-lamps and books need to be in a 'particular manner' for a positive impact. Talking about fine tastes, side table decor could be available in the form of a flower vase.

It could even be thick wooden accent pieces amongst others. Be it a household with contemporary flavour or one with old-fashioned taste, a cane side table may be the right fitting for both. Cane tables are generally made of wood extracted from a climbing palm plant. 

All said and done, the fondest of the moments are made and cherished around a table. Be it an aquarium with real fishes or just Feng Shui wealth-fish - the Arowana; our design choices, lighting, tableware sets and their positions are a reflection of our lifestyles.

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