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The art of hospitality is redefining. More and more people are now inviting friends and family to their homes to enjoy some memorable time. However, this shift is not solely because of the changing culture. 

It also has to do something with the barware collection that individuals are finding in the market or on premium online stores. Right from glasses and bottle coolers to cocktail shakers and bar tools, the products and accessories are fascinating. 

When you have such exciting items at your disposal, how can you let go of a chance to entertain people and showcase your barware? Ellementry knows how skilful people are getting when it comes to hospitality. Individuals from all walks of life are keen to entertain their guests in a way that they remember it for as long as possible. 

Terracotta Ice Bucket

To further elevate your relaxing and rejuvenating time, the brand has an array of products and tools to offer you. Each item has been intricately crafted to take your experience and status a notch higher.

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However, there is one thing that most people forget when they are shopping for a wine cooler and more, and that is table linen. Yes! It is a vital part of every table arrangement, no matter what you are serving.

Right from food to drinks, you need runners and mats that can enhance the way you display looks. While serving drinks or taking the bottle out from the cooler, you will need napkins to hold the bottle firmly. The cloth placed under the ice bucket will ensure that the wooden or glass desk don’t get watermarks or rings on it. They are not easy to get rid of and make your counter look shabby.

So, as a host, you must understand that barware and table linen goes hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. When used together they bring out a look that is spectacular and eye-pleasing.

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It gives you a way of showcasing your personality or what you prefer. You are at the liberty to play with colours and design, create your style. Listed below are some items that will give a deeper insight into how these two different product categories complement each other. 

Fryst Wooden Ice Bucket With Glass Insert & Pinstriped 100% Cotton Table Runner

Starting with the most important barware piece, an ice bucket is a must for every occasion. It is especially needed in hot summer months when you can’t do without a perfectly chilled beverage. Before you place the bucket on the table and fill it to the top with ice cubes, make sure that you place a table runner under it. 

The reason behind it is very simple. Firstly, the container holding the ice cubes will have a firm base. Secondly, the water molecules on the surface will not come in direct contact with your desk or counter. Thirdly, the combination will look well-executed thought. No chance of any complaints here! 

Copper Metal Bar Tools & Aksa Blue 100% Cotton Napkin

How many times have you kept the bar tools on the table without giving it a base? A majority of you! There are no surprises that these tools are often sharp. They can leave scratches on the wooden, glass or metal counters. 

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You can stylishly avoid this, and that is by using cotton napkins. Choose some attractive and pleasing shades to add a pop of colour. When you have a napkin for the tools, everyone will know that the bar instruments should be kept here after use. The striking combination also makes a great conversation starter. You can bet on it! 

Copper Metal Cocktail Shaker & Mustard 100% Cotton Placemat

Are you trying your hand at mixing cocktails and mocktails? If you are new to it, there are strong chances of spills. But that’s no reason to let go of this amazing opportunity to impress the guests. You can avoid stains and spills with a cotton placemat. 

An apron will also save your clothes from any big disaster. Keep the placemat, and once your cocktail shaking completes, put it on top of the mat. If there is any liquid, cotton material will quickly absorb it, leaving you to enjoy the party and not worry about cleaning up the mess. 

These are a few ideas? You can make your combinations and use them more creatively. Ellementry is there to provide you with everything that you need. 

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