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People around the world love summers. It is because it is a pleasant time to indulge in various entertainment activities. As summer holidays are just around the corner, many families will be free to adorn the hospitality hat. A lot of your relatives must also be making plans to visit you and rekindle the family bond.

You can either spend time indoors or outdoors. But what you will need is the right products to elevate the entertainment. Delicious food and tasty beverages need to be served in the right manner to enhance the overall appeal of the gathering.

With Ellementry, you can impress your guests and also make them envy your gracious hospitality. The brand is well known for providing the most incredible serveware products that are charming in every sense. 

 Wine Cooler Wood

Drinks and snacks could be easily served using normal glasses and plates. But will that create an impact you are hoping to make? Everyone has conventional serveware products but only a selected few have stunning products offered by Ellementry. 

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Are you wrecking your brain and looking for ways to elevate your hospitality? In that case, the listed items will help you out. 

Fryst Wooden Bottle Cooler With Glass Insert

If you are planning a picnic with family or friends, then a fryst wooden bottle cooler with a glass insert is a must for your excursion. You can keep everyone hydrated and chilled even in the sweltering heat by placing the drink bottles in this cooler. 

Fill it half with ice cubes, and the wooden skin will keep the ice from melting fast. This way, you will be able to keep the drinks cold for a longer duration. Its stunning yet sophisticated look will surely impress people around you. 

Ochre Mango Wood Platter (Large)

If special guests are visiting your home then it is imperative to bring out special serveware for the occasion. As a graceful host, you will ensure that there are as many edible items on the table as possible. However, we are well past the conventional way of serving. 

Mango Wood Serving Platter

We are living in a modern era and must follow the ongoing norms. Ochre mango wood platter (large) is perfect for serving multiple delicacies. You can also showcase the master chef in you by decorating the wooden serving platter with your favourite sauces or other things. 

Sienna Terracotta Carafe With Lid

Stay connected to your traditional roots without compromising on style with a sienna terracotta carafe with a lid. It is a great way of showing the young generation how you can keep water cool for extended hours. The water or any other beverage stored in this carafe bottle will also become healthier to drink. 

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The product is made from terracotta that has earthen properties and benefits the user. This little carafe will become a highly appreciated item. You can also carry it around with you to ensure that you are consuming clean and healthy water always. 

Mango Wood Hearty Bowl (Small)

Offering snacks to your guests? Make your serving more stylish with a mango wood hearty bowl (small). This stunning nut bowl made from mango wood will win your guests. People will admire it and make it a hot topic of discussion. It is perfect to serve salad or dry snacks to your guests. 

Mango Wood Serving Bowl

This handcrafted product is 100% food safe and a pure concoction of form as well as function. You can easily clean it with water even though it is made from wood. Use a mild detergent, and you are good to go. 

Sienna Terracotta Ice Bucket

If you are out on a picnic and don’t water to run out of ice, then do carry this beautiful and useful sienna terracotta ice bucket. Made from terracotta that has spectacular earthen properties, it will keep the ice and cooling intact for hours. You can cover the opening with a wooden lid that eliminates the chances of any spills. Just soak it overnight before you use it. 

Entertaining your guests this summer will get more exciting when you will be well-equipped with the listed products. No one would be able to miss out on the sheer beauty of your serveware items. 

Ellementry always aim at providing the people of today with modern products, but without detaching them from their roots. 

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