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Homemakers are often particularly fussy about the kitchenware items that will be placed in their cookhouse. Some go from shop to shop to find the most exquisite pieces. The technologically advanced ones search every single website so that they have products that no one other in their circle would possess. 

After all, running a kitchen isn’t a small job, especially in an era where impressions and trend plays a vital role. Every item, right from crockery to cutlery must be chosen carefully to create an intended impact. However, during this exercise, most people forget that it is not just the cutlery that counts. 

Kitchen linen also plays a significant role. Ellementry, a brand dedicated to enhancing the beauty of every home with sustainable and eco-friendly practices is here to remind you that you need to focus more on other areas of your scullery.


Maze cotton kitchen apron

There are so many things around the house that you take care of. The tables are never bare. It is covered with beautiful table covers, runners and more. So when it comes to working in a kitchenette, should you forget about your clothes and safety? No! The focus should be on both aspects. Without further ado, let’s explore all the items that you must cover in kitchenware and kitchenwear. 

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Chop & Crush Cutting Board With Mortar

An ideal product for a small cookhouse is a chop & crush cutting board with mortar. It is ideal because the mortar and pestle are attached to the board, saving you space and time, which most people waste on looking for this necessary tool. You can just cut the fruits and vegetables on it, and the mortar side can be used to crush the spices that will go into your recipe. The work will get done much faster. 

Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish

Are you planning to cook a new recipe that you just learned about? The excitement will be too much to handle. Worry would also be on the back of the mind, thinking what if the dish doesn’t come out as good as you expect it to be. When you will use the sienna terracotta baking dish, this wouldn’t be a worry. The properties of clay will set into the food. You can cook slowly in this dish without the fear of burning. 

Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish


Dish Towel Set

You have been cutting ingredients, cooking and stirring dishes using the best products. But you are still using the conventional dish towel? Your beautiful cutlery and crockery need more care. Harsh rub from rough threads can leave marks and lint behind. To avoid that from happening, invest in a high-quality dish towel set. 

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The super absorbent property and 100% cotton material will help you to keep your cooking items new and shiny. The chunky texture will always make you remember to use it. 

Cotton Apron

Are you a working professional who diligently looks after the household duties too? Does your cooking space always demand your presence? Well, you can’t be in house clothes all the time. If you are in a business suit or an expensive dress, cooking or washing dishes will always pose a threat of causing spills and splash.


Earthy Cotton Kitchen Apron


Luckily, you can save your clothes from any such disaster by wearing a kitchen apron. There is no need to buy the conventional ones when you can use 100% cotton ones. Ellementry offers you some classy designs that will complement your personality. Wear one when hosting a backyard barbeque to showcase your style. 

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Glove & Potholder

If you are someone who loves to bake, then this item is especially for you. Often, taking piping hot dishes out of the oven can scald your hand or fingers. The pot that you are baking is natural to get blistering. Touching it without any protection can cause burns.

When there will be a glove on the counter, you will always remember to wear it before touching the dish. You can move it from the oven or microwave and place it on the potholder. This will ensure that the slab or counter doesn’t get burned either. It is also ideal for utensils picked straight from the burner. 

As a cook, you should always surround yourself with the best items that inspire you to make delicious dishes. However, your safety and that of your utensils are also vital. Buy these premium items from and give your cooking time a complete makeover. 

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