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Kitchen; where every heart resides. Organising a house is a constant struggle when you have tiny tots running here and there and playing with random stuff picked from anywhere, be it from the living room or kitchen. Factually speaking, it becomes more necessary than ever to keep things at their places as children can pick the objects that can hurt them. 

A highly reliable brand, "Ellementry" is your solution to all the kitchen organisation related problems. Out of all, the kitchen must be the most organised and tidy place in the home. 

There are two reasons for that: First, it keeps heavy, sharp objects out of children reach. Second, when you have everything at its place or within your reach, it saves your time as there is less need for moving around and searching for utensils or ingredients. 

Kitchen Spice Jar


A well-kept kitchen gives you more cabinet and closet space. It is easier to clean when everything is sitting pretty at its place.There are several kitchenware brands, which manufacture and offer basic utility kitchenware. They efficiently help in uplifting your kitchen character as an organised and systematic place.

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Ellementry, a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products, is transforming the kitchenware online shopping experience for the customer. It is your one-stop digital destination for all the handcrafted, environment-friendly kitchenware items that enhance your kitchen beauty 

Their products also provide optimum storage space to store the utensils as well as the food items. Each product raises the bar of your organizational skills. 

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Some of their best utility products are:

Masala Box: When it comes to organising spices, a masala box is the best tool. It makes sure each and every spice is within the arm's reach while cooking. With Ellementry', make your spices look more beautiful in handcrafted masala box which are also 100% environment friendly.

Frangipani wooden cutlery stand: Spoon, fork,napkins; found them all at one place with Ellementry's cutlery stand. It is a  perfect place for everything that is needed to eat. These beautiful pieces of art are handcrafted especially for you. Now no more running around looking for a spoon or fork to savour your favourite meal. 

White marble mortar & pestle: We all hate when things scatter all around when we crush them. They also happen to lose their juice and taste when crushed on the kitchen slab. Ellementry's mortar & pestle marble, with its adorable size and pleasing look, free you from daily struggle. The herbs and spices get easily crushed without creating an additional mess. 

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Glass jars with wooden lid: To break your mundane storage technique, we present a beautiful glass jar with a wooden lid to store all kinds of spices and herbs. No more confusion over which is in which as jars are 100% transparent. 


Glass Jar with Wooden Lid

Eggshell metal bread box: Bread loses its freshness in a day or so if kept open. Storing them in their usual packaging does not look good either. Elementary's handcrafted, ecologically friendly metal bread box is a suitable place to store your bread loaf and keep them fresh for a longer period. It comes with a wooden lid which can be used as a breadboard to cut a piece. 

Pinstriped 100% cotton table runner: An elegant looking table runner can add to your table's beauty. Elllementry's cotton table runner will give your dining an appropriate setting and will contribute your bit to the tradition and nature as well. The cloth protects your table from all kind of damages and spills. The cloth is cotton so it is easier to wash and will act as a foundation of your table décor.

Twin Wire basket: What's better than having an assigned place to store all your kitchen linen. Ellementry's handcrafted twin wire baskets are perfect for keeping all your neatly folded linen. The basket comes with a lid and can be used to store vegetable and fruits as well. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home as it gives us a sense of happiness. is an affordable and sustainable digital solution for all your kitchen storage woes.

Qality is never compromised and each product is different from the other as the brand rules the market with its handcrafted products. Visit to shop your favourite kitchenware products. Each product is an ideal choice for gifting purpose as well.  

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