Life is precious. This precious gift by nature must be lead with positivity and simplicity. Life isn’t about only surviving. It is about breathing and embracing every minute of it. Leading a holistic living is much healthier than living a modern and luxury filled life.

Holistic living is mistaken with a nomadic lifestyle. Instead, it is a way to lead a life wherein you heal and process everything through natural remedies. Breathe, Feel, and Relax is the mantra of a happy living. Enclose your life in the warmth of tranquillity and nature with Ellementry.

Holistic living encourages human to be balanced with their mind, body, and spirit. This style of living includes a balanced and organic diet, meditation, keeping oneself physically active. 

Here are 5 ways to lead a holistic lifestyle:

Practice mindfulness

What’s better than being fully present and aware of where you are and what you’re doing? Considering our hectic lifestyle, living in the moment is quite rare. A man’s mind is never at peace. To achieve mindfulness, try to perceive things objectively, instead of analyzing it if it is good or bad.

Eat Clean

When the body is a heavenly abode, it deserves to be kept well and safe. Other than eating junk and unhealthy items, consume all things natural and organic. Instead of grabbing a pack of burger and fries, try making your healthy meal at home. Ensure your veggies and fruits are properly cleaned before eating.

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Focus on positivity

Focus and surround yourself with all things positive and high-spirited. Sometimes things don’t go the way we expect them to be. In such a situation, try to focus your energy on a positive approach. Instead of thinking about what you have lost, think about what better can come out of it.

Stick to your roots

Growth is natural phenomena. One must keep growing in life but never forget his roots. You do not change overnight. One begins from scratch, and he shouldn’t forget where he came from. Stay down to earth even when you have excelled in your field.

Embrace the nature

In the haste of being ahead of everyone, your lifestyle hampers nature. By embracing sustainability in your lifestyle, you can help in creating a natural balance.

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Welcome sustainability and minimalism in your lifestyle with these handmade cookware and serveware:

Natural terracotta curd setter

What is better than bringing home the perfect substitute for traditional earthenware? This terracotta curd setter is suitable to prepare homemade curd. It is an alkaline, porous and natural breeding ground for good bacteria to make curd. The vessel soaks the excess water. In the end, all you get is thick curd.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Everyone loves pasta. Rather than ordering one from a restaurant, make it home using this sienna terracotta baking dish. Spread the layer of pasta along with a load of green vegetables in the tray and let it bake in the oven.

The baking dish is 100% oven and nature friendly and made for a long and slow cooking process. Get your hands on more sustainable bakeware only at

Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper

When it comes to drinking, there is nothing better than water. This terracotta water bottle is a reshaped and reintroduced modern ‘Matka’ in a contemporary avatar. It will retain the natural cooling of the water and will keep it fresh for a long. The drinkware is 100% safe and nature friendly. It is handcrafted to blend effortlessly in your modern lifestyle.

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Masai gold cutlery pieces

With these cutlery pieces we endeavor to bring back the old-world-charm of brass to the modern table. This set borrows inspiration from the beads used by Africa’s Masai Mara peoples. Pair this server set with other cutlery pieces from the masai collection for an heirloom-worthy set.

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