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Food photography is a genre in which a photographer clicks attractive still life photographs of the food. The inanimate objects in food photography are the perfect subjects that give the photographer complete control over the picture. A food photographer also understands the time and energy spent preparing the food or dessert, which deserves an excellent capture in the camera. Thus, the food photographer uses its creative ideas to style the food and make it look pretty in the captured image. 

Utensils holders, when used as props in food photography, accentuate and enhance the look of the photo. Many people usually focus on the item they are shooting and forget about the background. However, in the case of food photography, the photographer should focus on the food's background details, such as utensil holders. These handcrafted holders from Ellementry, when incorporated well during the photography session, would enhance the look of the food in the photos. 

Advice for food photographers 

    • Use all-natural light as it would enhance the natural colours and highlight the food. It will also help if you find a place for keeping utensils in the shot so that it does not look awkward. 
    • Utensils used for the presentation of the food should complement the colours of the food and should also be placed so that they complement the food. 
    • Use utensil holders or racks from Ellementry as props used for making the food, for instance, the chopping board, serving utensils, jars etc. 
    • Little detailing in food photography would help to emphasise the flavours of the food 
    • Background of the photo also helps to boost the impact of the food in a photograph 

Using colours and props in food photography, intelligently is an art which takes a lot of effort and practice. The photographer has to be careful with the use of the colours of the utensil holders as these can easily enhance the photo and make it appealing or else can grab the attention from the main subject. Use of many colours in a photograph can also confuse the viewer. Thus, food photographers should give a thought before using accessories when they are engaged in food photography. Utensil holders like jars, baskets or storage bins at Ellementry offer a beautiful handcrafted look to your food and as they are made of wood or ceramic that keeps the food fresh and safe for a longer duration. 

Food photography advise


Tips for food photography with the use of props 

    • Use different sizes of bowls, plates, jars from Ellementry which can be of various colours and styles. These fancy utensils would help to boost the look of the food and ensure that they are food safe. The ceramic jars with wooden lids are a sight to behold. 
    • Use of neutral colour linens for the photographs 
    • Variety of utensils that includes cutlery, cooking equipment, spoons and others in multiple shapes from Ellementry with intricate craftsmanship can also be used during food photography to complete the look of the photo 
    • Use of fresh ingredients stored in brilliantly shaped jars in different colours to garnish the food 

The photographer should limit the use of utensil holders, as a cluttered photo can distract the viewer. The utensil accessories used should be simple but fancy, as these would help to enhance the look of the main food item and then the garnishes and other props can be used to improve the image. An Excellent rack and shelf from Ellementry show how to make your kitchen user-friendly, and a photo helps you do that. 

Utensils for food photography


Utensils that can be used as holders for food photography: 

    • Plates and bowls 
    • Napkins 
    • Cutting boards 
    • bowls 
    • Cutlery 
    • Glasses & mugs 
    • Bottles 
    • Measuring cups & spoons 
    • Jars 
    • Cooling racks 
    • Baskets 
    • Baking or muffin trays 
    • Ovens 
    • Serveware 
    • Baskets 
    • Storage Bins 
    • Teapot & teacups 
    • Salt & Pepper canisters 
    • Shelf and racks 

When it comes to elegant food images, having an excellent utensil holder to showcase your food is a must. It adds an element and emotion to the photo. The use of other food ingredients from the recipe can also help to create a great image. Use of hand made and ceramic jars, wooden racks and traditional baskets showcasing fresh fruits and vegetables always provides a modern and minimalistic look. Besides, the photographer can also make use of napkins and other fabrics in the food images, as it brings a movement to the photo. Thus, all the elements, when used carefully, can make the food look better in the images. 

elegant food photography images


Food photography is a balance of art and reality. The food photographer constructs the photo by working on the layers until they reach the desired result through their lens. Everything in the photo is from the creative mind of the photographer. The photographer will have to keep a check on the angle used for the click, keeping in mind the shape and size of the food item. Also, during the photoshoot, the details with respect to the foreground and background should be considered. The empty spaces in the frame can be used to explain the story. The main dish can be surrounded by various holders that help store the ingredients and utensils associated with the food item. Serveware, bread and fruits baskets can be used to explain how food is prepared with fresh ingredients. In addition, other utensils such as jars, glasses, linens and herbs would explain the origin of the dish. Placement of these props in the foreground or background would elevate the storyline and give depth and meaning to the image captured. Thus, all these little things would help the photographer to come up with a great image of the food and convey the right message to the viewer as well. 

Use of utensil holders helps to set the storyline of the photo and give depth to it. The photo should feature all the details, and it should enhance the look of the food as well as the surrounding area. Interaction with the food during the photoshoot also helps to improve the image, and this might happen if we find it placed in an appropriate holder that is exquisite and food safe. For instance, cutting the cake placed on a cake holder would add a touch of elegance to the picture. There is an endless list of the holders from Ellementry that add a transitional touch to your otherwise modern kitchen and used to create delightful food photography. A perfect angle and balance of the elements is the key for a great photograph. 

There is no pre-defined method or a way to style the food for a photograph, the food photographers or stylists use their creative side to make the food look presentable and best for the photoshoot. Thus, the food photographers prepare a perfect frame for the photograph keeping in mind all the details.. Often, things that are small and are not considered to be important can enhance the photo and make it an amazing photo. We make food regularly, and it is an integral part of our routine. Making it look beautiful with the use of various fancy cutlery and accessories from Ellementry is what makes the food pictures an instant hit.

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